Theresa May is not unelected | Matthew Cowley

There are many conflicts inherent within modern politics: the fact that we bemoan the lack of young people in politics and yet berate young politicians as both inexperienced and careerist; our desire for more ‘normal’ people in politics but our aversion to paying a wage that would enable less affluent people to afford to enter […]

Labour Must Solve Their Questions Before Voters Do | Joseph Prebble

The message at the recent Labour Party conference was one of unity and strong, undivided opposition to the Tory government, but the splits in the membership were no less present than they were before the leadership contest. The country has been promised the constitutional necessity of a strong opposition that coherently holds the government to […]

Britain’s New Anti-Semitism | Alexander Masir

Coming to Britain and encountering anti-Semitism has been one of the most surprising experiences in my life. I originate from a Hungarian town that has seen its two synagogues deconsecrated, their congregation forced into a ghetto or deported, with only 70 of them to return. There, when we spoke of the West, we thought of […]

Boris Johnson is living in the past | Harry Howard

Boris Johnson’s widely anticipated opening speech at this year’s Conservative Party Conference, his first as Foreign Secretary, was typical Boris-style; bombastic, laced with humour, and of course, a few concoctions thrown in. Given the environment in which he was making the speech: post-Brexit vote, post Iraq, post Blair, you would have thought that, since the […]

It’s a “No” for Nicola | Oluf Marshall

Addressing the first day of Conservative Party Conference yesterday, Theresa May spoke out: “We voted in the referendum as one United Kingdom, we negotiated as one United Kingdom and will leave as one United Kingdom.” Good. It’s about time someone took a stand against the SNP’s divisive post-referendum mischief. The UK’s decision to leave the […]