The anti-rationalism of modern socialism | Jake Scott

In the second half of the twentieth century, the famous English conservative Michael Oakeshott delivered his powerful polemic against rationalism in politics. In this, he claimed the projects of rationalism that littered Europe had been generated by the false belief that the rich complexities of human society could be – and should be – reducible […]

No, Theresa May should not condemn Donald Trump

Twitter last night consisted almost entirely of tweets on two subjects: President Trump’s erroneously labelled ‘Muslim ban’, and Theresa May’s refusal to publicly condemn the President’s latest executive order. “Theresa the Appeaser”, she was called. What rubbish. To label her this insinuates a weakness of character that is simply not part of our Prime Minister’s […]

The Media Brought Trump’s War Upon Themselves | Will Saunders

No one could call President Trump’s behaviour toward CNN’s Jim Acosta statesmanlike. In scenes that reverberated – or perhaps ricocheted – around the world, the then-President-elect attacked CNN in a press conference, before refusing to take a question from its representative, whilst calling it “terrible”, and asserting it constitutes “fake news”. It was, as Acosta […]

A suffragette statue for Parliament Square | Sarah Stook

In Parliament Square, stand the statues of some of the greatest men of all time. Winston Churchill keeps vigil proudly. He watches over ten other men who have shaped and changed history in ways most of us will never see again. Voted Greatest Briton, few can deny that the British Bulldog and his spirit were a […]