The Question of Social Constructs | Jake Scott

IIn the contemporary period, conservative defences of tradition have floundered against the post-modernist objection that, whatever those rules may be, they are “social constructs”. And this fact, de facto, supposedly de-legitimises them. It is the ultimate statement of irrelevance: is there something we do in society that is no longer “fit for purpose”? Then it […]

5 Ways Hollywood Can Really Do Something About Sexual Assault| Sarah Stook

On the 7th January 2018, the 75th Golden Globes were held in Beverly Hills. The usual occurred- fawning over each other (apparently Oprah is the President we deserved), certain TV shows or films being overrepresented or underrepresented (Kyle McLachlan was robbed) and the various Trump jokes that are oh so original. This year, however, marked […]