Are we Making a U-Turn on Race? | Ethan Liddell

Wherever the topic of race is involved, both the right and left wingers can agree that it’s a very sensitive yet important political issue. The actual problem that I present to you is the ever growing divide on how race is viewed in politics and the left are leading the way to divide us as quickly as possible. The reason I say it’s even more of a problem now is because of the growing attacks and biases towards the Conservative ideology as well as the party. I bring up both ideology as well as party because the left have tried to claim anyone that isn’t a white chrisitian belongs to them.

Even when the politics lovers of Twitter decided to have a harmless bit of fun whilst admiring ‘dishi Rishi’, the left couldn’t leave them be without turning it into a toxic debate about race. As Diyora Shadijanova from the Independent believes, many people’s crush on Rishi Sunak may be due to an apparent ‘racist fetish’. Or even when the Conservative party simply puts Indians in the cabinet, Neha Shah wrote in the Guardian about how the Conservative party attracts Indians due to ‘finding common cause in a project of Islamophobia’. In simple terms, what the members of left wing politics like her are doing is disrespectful towards those of different backgrounds that love our country. One of the most important points I wish to stress to you is: the Conservatives cannot win either way. The left and Labour party will attack the Conservatives whether they are diverse or not, always accusing them of racism no matter who is in their party. It seems as if the multiple talented cabinet members of the current government from both Pakistani and Indian descent do not matter to the left. The fact that the Conservative party had its first woman Prime Minister in 1979 does not matter. The fact the Conservative party had the first and only Jewish Prime Minister does not matter to them. The Conservative party has prided itself on based on the recognition of talent and viewing all those in our society as equal. However, the left are the first ones to call out any lack of diversity in society, political parties and even in media and television, yet the Labour party (who seems to house the majority of the socialists and far-left) are allowed a free pass that it can use and abuse, all because they point the finger at others without practicing what they preach.

I refer to the left and Labour party separately due to Labour not always being this involved with far-left politics, but they seem to be growing ever closer together. Even after the resignation of Jeremy Corbyn from the party leadership, the now-leader Sir Keir Starmer has not helped by putting controversial far-left figures at the very front of the party. He seems to be giving an even larger platform to those like David Lammy (MP) who takes each chance he can to use every single political issue as an issue based around racism, Jess Phillips (MP) who says she was “raised to hate tories” and even it’s supporters like Ash Sarkar who is “literally a communist”, in her own words.

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Whether you are left-wing or right-wing, my belief is that we need to work as a collective to stop extremism from entering mainstream politics more than it already has, mainly within the Labour party. But until the bias stops, nothing will change. With it becoming even more common to identify as a socialist or even a communist, there are not enough people informing the younger generation of the ideologies’ dangerous histories and views. But yet again we see things like Exit uk, a group that is based around leaving the far right, which is very positive, but at the same time both socialism and communism are being promoted by many involved with the organisation Momentum and the Labour party. Where’s the group helping people escape the far left? Helping those who are told to hate white males. Those who are told socialism and communism aren’t responsible for famine and the death of millions throughout history. It’s nowhere to be seen. Instead it’s promoted by writers like Helen Razer who writes, ‘Why I’m a communist-and why you should be, too’ in Quartz. The toxicity of growing further apart in politics will not help our country no matter who is in power.

It’s important to note that I am not a centrist, nor am I saying that everyone should be, my problem is with the growing toxicity and direct abuse of race which most centrists, on both the right and left, do not really see as much of an issue. It’s mainly those on the far-left and far-right that cannot stop for one second without obsessing over a person’s skin colour that is different to theirs. Not only is it direct racism like I have just mentioned, the biggest problem is the use of it as a tool. A tool in which they drill manipulative views into the younger generation about why they should hate this country and why they should believe in left wing policies because of the colour of their skin.

Time will only tell how far this is going to go. Where race may be a political issue there is a limit to how much it must be mentioned and I hope that society eventually moves to a time where articles like this one don’t even have to be written. Race is not a tool for those who wish to abuse it or discriminate against it.

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