Boris Johnson and Conservative Populism│ Oliver Dunn

“You need a populist, to beat a populist,” was the argument made by an anonymous Cabinet Minister in favour of Boris Johnson leading a populist Conservative party into the next general election. But is this really the direction the Conservative party should be taking? According to James Forsyth of The Spectator some Tory donors think […]

Time for a Transition Cabinet │ Ted Yarbrough

Theresa May has been a less than strong and stable Prime Minister lately. Ever since her general election under-performance, Theresa May’s position has been in question, as has the positions of her cabinet ministers. Last week, the Prime Minister even had to face off the first challenge to her leadership- albeit from a disgruntled former […]

Compassionate Conservatism and Corbynism│ Fred Kearey

Behind the exterior of Corbynism is an idea that can prey on those that feel powerless. As a party, we must take on the concerns of the JAM’s – the Just About Managing’s – and do this fast. Stridently stake out our claim that our Conservatism is something that will appeal to them; this means […]

Thank you, Martin Luther │ Robin Popley

This forthcoming Tuesday (31st October 2017), marks 500 years since what is considered to be the beginning of the Reformation. A schism in the original apostolic Western Christian church which would go on to lay the foundations for much of our own history as a country.The story begins with a German priest named Martin Luther […]

It’s About Saving Lives: In Favour of an Opt-out Donation System (Speech)│ Xenios Matjilla

This article is the second of two addressing the debate of whether the UK should introduce an opt-out system for organ donation. The other article, against, by Jake Scott can be read here._________________________________________________________________Thank you Mr Speaker.Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a confession to make; if this motion was being debated a year ago I may […]

Charity and Compassion: Against an Opt-out Donation System (Speech)│ Jake Scott

This article is the first of two addressing the debate of whether the UK should introduce an opt-out system for organ donation. The other article, in favour, by Xenios Matjilla can be read here.Recently, the University of Birmingham Conservatives hosted their Port and Policy debating event, in which the motion of “This house believes the […]

Oxford is about merit: An Open Letter to David Lammy│ Tom Fowdy

Where I come from, it is not uncommon to view institutions like Oxford and Cambridge through the prisms of class stereotyping. Indeed, for a working class, northern city like Sunderland, which has suffered deep injustices and hardships in its modern history, these academic institutions are elitist, snobbish and out of touch enclaves filled with wealthy […]

Turning Back the Socialist Ratchet│ Jake Scott

In the 1980s, the post-war period from 1945 to 1979 came to be described in right-wing circles as a “socialist ratchet” – even though the Conservatives were in government for most of this period, the attitude of “managed decline” and that socialism had become a prevailing consensus made it difficult for conservatives to justify a […]

An Act of Vandalism: Conservatives and the Constitution | Angus Gowanlock

On the 17th of October, the strictly impartial Boundary Commission released its revised proposals for the redrawing of constituencies for the House of Commons; while seemingly innocuous these proposals actually represent an extraordinary act of constitutional vandalism by the Conservative Party in order to gain short term electoral advantage.Historically the Boundary Commission was given a […]