No, Theresa May should not condemn Donald Trump

Twitter last night consisted almost entirely of tweets on two subjects: President Trump’s erroneously labelled ‘Muslim ban’, and Theresa May’s refusal to publicly condemn the President’s latest executive order. “Theresa the Appeaser”, she was called. What rubbish. To label her this insinuates a weakness of character that is simply not part of our Prime Minister’s […]

The Media Brought Trump’s War Upon Themselves | Will Saunders

No one could call President Trump’s behaviour toward CNN’s Jim Acosta statesmanlike. In scenes that reverberated – or perhaps ricocheted – around the world, the then-President-elect attacked CNN in a press conference, before refusing to take a question from its representative, whilst calling it “terrible”, and asserting it constitutes “fake news”. It was, as Acosta […]

To Christmas, to family | Will Saunders

We are told, in this confusing age of such swirling flux and old-fangled modernity, that Christmas has little place. It is but a consumerist parody of its former self, a ghost that lingers to serve only the masters of the rat race we run ourselves ragged in. Instead of coming together, and appreciating the candlelit company […]

£369m for Buckingham Palace? Bargain! | Will Saunders

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Children beware: Mhairi Black is back in town. Like a spiteful anti-Santa, the MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South has reared her head at the start of the festive season, to tell us we can’t afford Buckingham Palace. Perhaps the youngest MP to be elected since 1667 was just reacting […]

Burning the flag is a fundamental freedom | Will Saunders

Growing up, I used to argue with my dad all the time. Whatever it was about, I’d feel the rising of that teen anger at what seems such inexplicable injustice. I’m ashamed to say (though I’m confident that I’m by no means alone in this) that, on occasion, I lashed out, and tried to hit […]

Trump: The next president of America, if Clinton plays her cards wrong | Will Saunders

To be brutally honest, I’ve reached the point of despair with the US election. Both Clinton and Trump appear grotesque caricatures, and I’ve begun to resign myself to a four-year wait until 2020 to take an interest in US politics again, when the Republican Party can manage to nominate a sensible, principled candidate to defeat Hillary, […]

The EU referendum was a disastrous idea. But the EU was a worse one | Will Saunders

It’s been a long, hot summer of furious finger-pointing and tearful recriminations. Britain has voted to leave the European Union – a seismic shift in the course of our country – and many feel that the country they thought they knew has been swept out from beneath their feet. A mass of Remain voters feel […]

Brexit was a victory for what really matters | Will Saunders

Honestly, I never thought we would win. After casting my “Leave” vote on Thursday 23rd June, my momentary pride in participating in the most important democratic decision of mine and my parents’ lifetimes was replaced very rapidly by the return of a scouring pessimism, that had gripped me all through the campaign. This would surely be […]

What on Earth is Mallard?!

Put simply, Mallard is a new online comment publication, for conservative students, and by conservative students. It’s a crowdfund of ideas and opinions, and it launches Monday 12th September. Campuses and colleges are not the most welcoming place for conservative ideas – and so it’s no surprise that many students who have such principles and/or […]