Conservatism is the new punk rock? | Jacob Parry

Infamous right-wing Youtuber, Paul Joseph Watson was wrong when he made the statement “conservatism is the new punk rock; he put the chicken before the egg. If anything: punk rock was new Conservatism.

Punk was rejection of the 68er hippy movement, an abandonment of the warm fuzz of the acid and dope generation. The drugs reflecting the mindset, “anything that makes me do as much as possible before the Soviets drop the bomb”. Before we're all just a black, polaroid imprint on a wall. There's a reason that the Ramones told me to “kill a Commie for Mommy” they knew their freedom to be freaks was ensconced in the classically-liberal culture, traditions, value system that encapsulate the British and American ideal governance.

Punks were doers. Action in place of passivity. Doing it yourself instead of relying on the unrealistic, unreliable, sentiments of “smile, I'm your brother, everybody get together”. Rejecting the state in place of your own brand of ruthless entrepreneurialism: “wanna do a show”? Xerox a load of flyers that give a when, a where, a price. Set up a stall, sell records and shirts. No middle man. Laissez-faire. If you fail to sell your band, it's a no-go. Most importantly, it makes it genuine.

Conservatism demands self-determinism from the individual who chooses to adopt it as his/her philosophy. Punk demands you think for yourself. You demand maximum freedom. In a twist of irony, no-one wants less to do with you, your life and your business than a “small c” conservative where individualism, the pursuit of happiness and the freedom to choose are held as sacred and protected. Punks may not know it, they may not share the same aesthetic, they may not share the same mindset. But their core values are more in line than they both would care to admit: the desire to achieve a functioning society by order emerging from maximised freedom.

As university campuses descend into ideological homogeneity due to the rigidity of the party line of academic culture it is in these times for the chaotic, aspect of conservatism, libertarianism, punks, statist-sceptics, to emerge to protect the values we hold sacred by freely expressing disgust at authority that tries to shut the up. Whether you like it or not punks, we're on the same page.

One thought on “Conservatism is the new punk rock? | Jacob Parry

  1. Ignoring the very fact that Punk Rock was anti-status quo whilst conservatism draws its lifeblood from the structures punks railed against.

    But sure, let’s continue stroking ourselves to the delusion that our beliefs are anything but what they actually are – conservative.

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