Black Lives Matter offer anger, not answers | Joseph Prebble

With a little over four months remaining until he leaves office, it is hard not to remark that perhaps the most regrettable failure of President Barack Obama has surrounded race relations. Voted in by 95% of black voters twice and gifted by charisma, the new age of racial equality has not yet been realised, with […]

Brexit was a victory for what really matters | Will Saunders

Honestly, I never thought we would win. After casting my “Leave” vote on Thursday 23rd June, my momentary pride in participating in the most important democratic decision of mine and my parents’ lifetimes was replaced very rapidly by the return of a scouring pessimism, that had gripped me all through the campaign. This would surely be […]

Campus conservatives must be empowered | Matthew Cowley

There is a stigma attached to being a Tory, particularly as a young person, and this is a problem that needs to be addressed by the Party now more than ever. While people vote for the Conservative Party, and agree with their policies, they are afraid to admit it. Even long-time supporters and voters find themselves […]

What on Earth is Mallard?!

Put simply, Mallard is a new online comment publication, for conservative students, and by conservative students. It’s a crowdfund of ideas and opinions, and it launches Monday 12th September. Campuses and colleges are not the most welcoming place for conservative ideas – and so it’s no surprise that many students who have such principles and/or […]