An Iraqi Legacy | Sarah Stook

In a recent press release, the White House announced that there was truth to the rumours of Tony Blair offering his counsel to Donald Trump regarding the Middle East. A seasoned politician, Blair’s focus was now on creating a lasting peace between Palestine and Israel, a question people have been hoping to answer since the […]

A suffragette statue for Parliament Square | Sarah Stook

In Parliament Square, stand the statues of some of the greatest men of all time. Winston Churchill keeps vigil proudly. He watches over ten other men who have shaped and changed history in ways most of us will never see again. Voted Greatest Briton, few can deny that the British Bulldog and his spirit were a […]

The Progression of American Progressives | Sarah Stook

On January 20th 2017, Donald Trump will officially become the 45th US President. A Republican President whose strong rhetoric on issues such as immigration and defence, he prides himself on being a successor to Ronald Reagan, whom he often names as a source of inspiration second only to his father, Fred. So how will this […]