Write for The Mallard

Mallard was conceived with one, single goal: to offer a platform for the publication of conservative students’ views, with the hope of promoting and emboldening campus conservatism in the UK.

Therefore, we’re always delighted to receive submissions from students and recent graduates, no matter what their writing experience or ability is, or whether they wish to contribute on a one-off basis, or more regularly.

As stated, our goal is to embolden conservatism among students, and to this effect, we don’t want you to be deterred from writing for us by any lack of confidence in your writing. Your ideas are what matter – and so if you feel like you’ve got one that needs to be heard, please let us know, and we will give you all the help we can to craft persuasive, hard-hitting and eloquent articles. Even if it’s currently in its most basic form, and amounts to nothing more than a couple of bulletpoints or a raw idea in the Notes app on your phone, get in touch, and we can offer you advice on how to flesh it out, and turn it into a substantive and cogent piece of work. Writing is an important skill, highly valued by employers, and if you can demonstrate that you’ve combined this skill with the confidence required to publish your opinions for all and sundry to critique, then you have a line that will truly stand out on your curriculum vitae.

If you want to get involved and submit an article, email us at editor@mallarduk.com or message us on our Facebook page.