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‘Culture War’ is a term bandied about frequently today, but what it is ascribed to isn’t always justified. The term has been adopted in the UK from our American cousins, who are veterans of those wars, but the arguments they fight don’t translate to those in the UK.

The two sides of our arguments are left versus right, ‘liberals’ versus liberals. In fact, it’s not the entire left, but a sect, who are modern Marxists, radicals and anarchists. These radicals are atheists and nihilists, they don’t want to build anything great, nothing is good to them, even times long gone, our very history should be torn asunder. The UK is at a foundational level a nation with Christian values – one doesn’t need to go to church every Sunday to be a theist, or even to read the Bible, you just need to accept a moral compass and judge yourself by that.

The culture wars can be explained by a severe lack of Christian values in the leftists in the USA and the UK, and the lack of moral judgements that come with our foundational religion in this country. The structure that God as the ultimate judge of good and ill has been lost on their side, and so they are left flailing for a new system of morality – which was created by Karl Marx in the Nineteenth Century and has been transformed into wokeness.

The ‘woke’ believe in Critical Race Theory and universal structural racism, which are destructive and pathological ideas. In short, they do not seek what is good, they instead try to bring down what is good, even the core of our civilisation and the cause of our freedom and prosperity: capitalism. They even criticise, through unconscious bias, the human spirit itself.

Christianity is about looking for answers within, taking personal responsibility, providing for a family, helping one’s community, and working to providing a public good. Capitalism has transformed selfishness into selflessness, by encouraging profit, a business also provides cheap goods, jobs and taxes. I fear that this is a contentious point, but it should not be. 

People becoming billionaires is not a necessary evil, in fact it is not an evil at all. They are incredibly successful through hard work and taking risks, yes for their own benefit – and to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher ‘what’s wrong with that?,’ but also for their employees and for the governments to whom they pay taxes which provide public services. Corruption, not wealth is immoral, and corrupt companies don’t last for very long at all. Not paying one’s taxes in full is also immoral, but again it is dodging one’s responsibilities to their fellow man that is the problem in that case, not the problem of accruing vast riches.

The woke don’t want to take responsibility, instead they play the victim, blame the rest of the world, and hate success. The woke are atheists, and atheism fundamentally is not just a belief system without God, but one without good. Without the ultimate moral judge that God represents, nothing can be good, and everything should therefore be destroyed.

As Nietzsche famously said, “God is dead… And we have killed him… Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?”

With the Enlightenment upon him, Nietzsche predicted that human reason would relinquish the need for a God, but that we would have to become Gods ourselves to replace Him. And whilst trying to become Gods ourselves, all manner of calamities would befall us.

Now ‘reason’ has replaced the Christian ideal of God, we would need to create new moral structures ourselves. This happened as predicted in the 20th Century, the bloodiest century in history, thanks to two such ‘moral’ systems being created – atheist systems of thought and of morality, or more accurately, of immorality.

It is important to note that I say immorality rather than amorality as the proponents of these systems were well aware of morality before their time, they threw it to the wayside. Stalin and Hitler as their most ‘successful’ proponents took these atheist systems and used them as intended, to kill hundreds of millions of people – Stalin and his communist brethren, Mao for instance, doing much more killing of their own people than Hitler ever managed.

Another reason I use the term immoral rather than amoral is because it would be to absolve the leaders of socialist and fascist regimes throughout the ages of any guilt to say that they were unaware that what they were doing was evil – they knew, and they did it nevertheless. Particularly I apply this to neo-socialist supporters of the Twenty-First Century. Students and academics especially who espouse socialism in order to create better societies, despite that system having not just never worked, but indeed made Hitler seem like a blip in history, having killed 6 million Jews in such a barbaric manner, the gulags made Auschwitz, Auschwitz, that place of pain and misery for countless men, women and children, seem like a theme park; Communism has killed 100 million people.

To those who still wear hammer and sickle t-shirts, who claim that communism has not been enacted as it should be, as if they are the righteous amongst us, they should just look at the piles of bodies across the world that their preferred system has piled up, all the way to the heavens. 

Atheist regimes and movements do not have a proper structure of judgement, and therefore fail to see anything as good. Therefore, before any of us follow the wishes of the woke, we should ask what their proposed solution is, because it will undoubtedly make the problem worse.

Defunding the police because the woke can see no good police officers struggling mightily to make difficult decisions, Black Lives Matter who see everything as a slight against them by the white man rather than challenges to be worked through, and Extinction Rebellion who would destroy the growing prosperity in the world’s poorest nations rather than harness the power of capitalism to transform the world for the better. These groups see no good and do no good in return, they must be opposed with values which are stronger than their own.

The culture wars exist between people who have Marxist ideals and try to implement them slowly in a capitalist democracy, and the right who are clinging onto old Christian values, to keep our heads and to hold on for dear life to what is good. As the late Sir Roger Scruton wrote, ‘good things are easily destroyed, but not easily created.’

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