Against a People’s Vote | Luke Caldecott

A second referendum would be the 4th vote concerning Europe in as many years. This is not a people’s vote, it is an elite’s vote. Resources from big businesses and corporatist EU lobbyists who exploit cheap labour will funnel funds into overturning a result where the British populace decisively voted against the establishment.

I propose a call for unity, a Brexit for the 100%, through engaging in a debate not remain vs. leave, that argument’s been had and enshrined into law. This is now democracy vs. elite-led anti-democracy in none of our interests. I hope I can convince the left, right and centre ‘why?’ in this speech by arguing that a second referendum is unfeasible, unworkable, and undesirable.

Logistically – the justification for a second referendum doesn’t exist:

In 2015, the Conservative government implemented a referendum it was elected to. In 2016, a ‘once in a lifetime vote’, if you were to believe remain campaigners, the £9 million government leaflet and government leaders, took place with a decisive result. 17.4 million people, the biggest mandate in history and bigger than any march or protest subsequently. In 2017, 84% voted for parties promising to deliver Brexit. A government was elected to negotiate Brexit. If you do not like this, as always you may express your grievances at the next general election. Polls show today that over 52% of people either support Brexit or getting on with the job as it is. Furthermore, there remains no time as of today to hold another referendum before ‘deadline day’.

Economically – why go back?

Tata Steel. Remember the name? They found a buyer only days after Brexit, saving the livelihoods of 2000 working-class families. Foreign investment has increased; the Chinese are choosing us over Germany and France for expansion and technology investment alone has doubled since 2017. Tourists are now spending 70% more in our high-streets and export growth has begun to rejuvenate our previously moribund communities.

Google ‘despite Brexit’ and click on news. Contrary to what may have been shared on social media, the British economy is doing fantastically well, so much so we’re complaining about a mere vote rather than actual economic deprivation. An extra 9 million square feet of office space in demand in London over the next year, which was voted the best city to do business for the first time since 2013, with 70% of our financial services expanding their operations. We’ve enjoyed the fastest wage growth in over a decade, Starbucks moved from Amsterdam to London, Chanel moved from Paris to London. Rolls-Royce are expanding, Ryanair are expanding (though the latter may not be such good news after all).

Remain leaders lied to their own supporters and to the rest of the country, who’s to say they wont do it again? Confidence in Britain is high, I ask everyone to join me and the business community especially small to medium enterprises, in said confidence.

We have already committed to Brexit. I find it hypocritical that one might argue about Brexit instability when also willing to vote back on the result, causing a shock to our economy and undeniably more uncertainty than carrying on our current path.

Politically – unfeasible. 

Besides the sheer humiliation tour country and its people from walking back to the EU with our tails between our legs, would this this mean us leaving and then re-joining? Fully merging into he failing Euro and crumbling Eurozone as we will have left by said second referendum when one considers timing? The costs of this alone are too significant to bare, be it the sovereign debt crisis or shockwaves upon the Eurozone’s impending collapse.

Turn our backs on a legally binding result and re-enter a club that doesn’t let its members say no to it? Stick two fingers up to our desolate communities who rightly stuck two fingers up to the London elites? This would cause upheaval that would lead to violence and crime on both sides and is a risk not worth taking.

The sheer ageism and classism from some pro-second-referendum individuals has only made me more pro-Brexit, and I hope people will share my compassion and concern for those who have seen their jobs and livelihoods desert them because of the EU, through fines, confiscation, and anti-competitive policies.

We remain, what then? EU reform remains impossible, as proven by Cameron. The EU has a track record of overturning and ignoring anti-EU results be it election or referendum, and I want Britain to win through and be an inspiration to Europe that our continent can be confident and self-governing again. Populism in Europe now either governs or influences the majority of EU state governments, and this rise looks set to continue. The EU is directly responsible for causing this rise. The liberal cause would do well to take a stand against it.


I love Europe; our continent is beautiful and diverse. The EU must not be allowed to homogenise itself with European identity. It is anti-Europe: for it is anti-sovereignty; anti-liberal; and the loud minority of its backers are anti-democracy. The most important thing now is unity, and the best course of action to ensure unity, stability, and the best long-term outcome for UK democracy, our economy, and global opportunities is to keep calm, and carry on with the job. Thank you.

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