Dan Mikhaylov


Tolerance is Not Enough | Dan Mikhaylov

Despite Western advancements in human rights, anti-Semitism retains considerable durability. In 2019 alone, the Community Security Trust, a non-profit organisation committed to ensuring the safety of Jewish communities in Britain, registered as many as...


Will Free Trade Strike Back? | Dan Mikhaylov

For conservatives in various corners of the world, the previous year was troublesome and tremorous. The coronavirus pandemic precipitated a largely inescapable – and often unreasonable – government assault on individual liberties and wellbeing....


The Unpromising Promises of Populism | Dan Mikhaylov

Promises and politicians are no strange bedfellows. Irrespective of their convictions or their political environment, those vying for power have an uncompromising predilection for pandering to the masses. This phenomenon, whereby leaders appease their...