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Israel finally has stability. After three elections in the past 12 months, something rather unbelievable has happened. The three major political parties in Israel: The Labor Party, who were last represented in  government in 2011; The Blue and White Party, a new party who are now the main opposition in contemporary Israel; and Likud, who’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu has been Israel’s Prime Minister since 2009, have formed a government of national unity.

Whilst an end to the political uncertainty in Israel must be celebrated, especially given the country’s omnipresent volatile environment, it does highlight the worst case of hypocrisy in recent memory.

The Leader of the opposition in The Knesset, Benny Gantz, has spent the past year telling his members, the Israeli people, and the world, that the Israeli Prime Minister, who in May is set to become the first Prime Minister in Israeli history to face indictment, is unfit for government. Gantz’s move has angered many of his supporters, and rightly so, as Gantz himself assured his voters before the last election this would never happen. Gantz told the Israeli people during an episode of Meet the Press, ‘There are no circumstances in which I’d serve under Netanyahu as Prime Minister while three indictments hang over him’.

Gantz, Netanyahu’s newly appointed deputy, may not have risked the split of the Blue and White party had he scaled back the hyperbole. The move will see Gantz become Prime Minister in 18 Months time, it turns out the only thing the Blue and White leader values more than virtue, is power.

Political hypocrisy is not exclusive to Israeli politics; Western Democracies the world over are suffering from a paradox pandemic. Let us look within these shores, where Piers Morgan is now cheered on by the liberal left for his daily attacks on the government. Morgans recent interviews with ministers have led to a plethora of OFCOM complaints. However, Morgan’s new fan base, the architects of the BeKind hashtag, are unperturbed by this and are instead making Morgan part of their daily routine.

Photo by ajfamoustk on Flickr.

Morgan and the liberal left make the most interesting of bedfellows, considering the virulent battle between the two over the past year. The liberal left have accused Morgan of being: transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, amongst many other potentially career damaging insults. There was even a Twitter campaign to remove Morgan from his role as a presenter on Good Morning Britain. Morgan is now celebrated by the Liberal Left, typified by this weeks Guardian article, titled, ‘How things change – Piers Morgan now the voice of the nation’.

The liberal left require some self-reflection: is it common practice to celebrate transphobes? Or could it be the case that calling Morgan, or any other person who thinks gender is worthy of a national debate a transphobe, is ridiculous and dangerous.

Lucky, the majority of British people are wise to such hyperbole, as they demonstrate so definitively when they take to the election box.

Sadly, we are reaching a nadir in political discourse, and until this is over, little said in politics can be taken seriously.

Photo by Israel Defense Forces on Flickr.

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