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If you have an attention span longer than that of a common goldfish it is easy to see the coming tyranny. Despite the media’s best efforts, current head of state Biden’s ignominious first hundred days have been noticeably terrible. Simple questions not answered during the presidential campaign like “Will you expand the Supreme Court, Joe?” and “Who built the cages Joe?” now seem to haunt our collective recollection. Unfortunately the children of the left now seem content with Bidens recent expansion of the children in cages program, they are attacking audits for being right wing conspiracies and numbers for being racist. All Joe had to do was throw in another stimulus check and their void was filled. For the rest of us there is less hope.

At times I cannot help but chuckle at the less than modest hypocrisy shown on the part of many news networks. Currently they are defending Biden for doing what they called abhorrent behavior under President Trump. Occasionally we notice a holdover from folly past where Biden chooses to continue to enforce the status quo, but largely Joe is finding creative, new ways to drop the ball all on his own. Indeed, coverage has gotten so bad I often fear the media has no standards but the double standard. The media can slant only so far and soon Biden-inflicted wounds like the current border crises or expansions of domestic spying will catch up with the progressive mindset (but not before their cards go back to being declined at Starbucks).

Like most Americans, my fear is not so much what has happened with poor leadership at the helm so far, but how Biden will use the tyranny of his majority with quasi unchecked privilege in both houses of congress. Recently Joe Biden endorsed several radical viewpoints ranging from packing the supreme court to federal election laws delegating fairness in drawing electoral districts; a point specifically designated to state legislatures in the Constitution. He has also endorsed several radical gun laws including H.R. 127, a bill put forward by Sheila Jackson Lee, perhaps the least intelligent person serving currently in the United States Congress (including this one).

Included in Representative Lee’s terrible bill are provisions that would retroactively ban all magazines with a capacity over ten rounds, of which there are an existing four hundred million such devices. The bill would also require the federal government to register the over four hundred million existing repeating firearms in three months, an unlikely feat at any budget. Worst of all, this bill will require an annual license, renewable at a mere $800 (which I am sure our poorest, who most need defense, can readily afford), to be able to own a firearm. It will likely be a bigger failure than the Brady Act in curbing gun deaths. While Biden has endorsed this silly law, it sits in committee, waiting to be passed. This is in contrast to H.R. 1, a federal attack on vote integrity and independence, which is dangerously close to becoming law.

Introduced by John Sarbanes, son of the brilliant mind that brought you the Sarbanes Oxley Act, H.R. 1 has been introduced as the “For The People Act”, but is truly a federal power grab over elections. This bill intends to all but ban the voter ID requirements, make insecure absentee ballots mandatory, and force states to get their electoral districts approved by the federal government. All of this is specifically banned by the constitution in Article 1 Section 4, which states administer their own elections. And all of this passed our lower chamber.

As it stands, Biden has a majority in both the House of Representative and the Senate, though in the Senate his rule can be overridden. Of course, some bills will be easier to get passed than others, but Dear Leader has endorsed the “For the People” act and H.R. 127, placing vote equality and gun ownership “in the crosshairs”. The President has also recently created a committee dedicated to reviewing the supreme court and will likely recommend an expansion of the number of justices, possibly allowing Biden to pack the court with liberal justices.

Alas Congress, Psaki, and the American Pravda will not be the sole issuers of tyranny in Biden’s true pandemic. Over the last few weeks we have learned that Joe has directed the Post Office to monitor the online presence of conservatives, most of whom were not involved in the largely spontaneous January 6th storming of the capitol. How “intelligent” leadership concluded that the post office was the appropriate agency to monitor online extremism is a mystery, but hold tight, this story gets more interesting.

On May third we learned our gracious head of state is preparing to engage with foreign private intelligence firms to further monitor conservatives online. Why is Biden content to send our tax dollars overseas to private firms to spy on Americans? Why are we not funding private spy firms in the United States and keeping those jobs here? The answer is simple: regulations. All those pesky regulations Joe believes are so crucial for all of us plebeians to follow would bar him from spying on us. By taking these spy missions to say, Ukraine, Biden can skirt federal law and regulation while still getting the goods on all of us at reduced, non-unionized, third world rates (and maybe get his son on a board or two).

Maybe all this doom and gloom on the part of anti-government coherency has left you looking to tobacco for some brief relief. I myself have been known to enjoy a fine Dominican Puro from time to time, and it can offer a fine respite from a harsh week. But I hope you are not a menthol smoker, or your future looks bleak due to Bidens expansion of the drug war. Yes, it appears that Biden now wants to ban the favored cigarette of Black Americans.

Perhaps the most humorous failure of the Biden administration has been the chaos at the border. After four years of shaming Donald Trump over the “Kids in Cages” (ironically cages built by Obama and Biden) the media has been largely silent over the current administration’s expansion of said program. More cages are being built to house an ever-expanding number of child migrants to this country. But why are so many youths leaving Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala (Guatemala is one of the most conservative nations on earth) to find a better life in the United States? According to the President of Guatemala it is because Joe Biden has been sending mixed signals on immigration.

Perhaps the greatest failure that I believe we will see during the next four years will be only partially Biden’s fault as it is now an American tradition. It is hard for me to fault Biden for deficit spending when Republicans are little better. Bush, Trump, and Reagan all spent whatever Congress would approve. Biden appears to be mirroring Obama’s go to moves with deficits with bailouts and stimulus so far but little save inflation seems to be the result. Though the inflation numbers have been alarming so far, a recent decrease in the value of the dollar is likely linked to so many new dollars being created and available. To those who recall their history, significant inflation was seen in the run up to many leftist states such as pre-war Germany, the USSR, and more recently Zimbabwe.

At the end of the day Biden is inheriting the best economic recovery in world history,- the November jobs report confirmed that. Only 100 days into the Biden administration and the record recovery seems to have lost steam with a recently released disappointing jobs report. So far the only thing I can laud Biden for is his commitment to bring our boys home from Afghanistan, a twenty-year quagmire. I wish I could applaud Joe for his covid response, but that seems to mostly be the work of Donald J Trump and Operation Warp Speed.

Ultimately time will tell if Joe Biden is merely an old fool or wise beyond his years, but with current economic conditions being created by shutdown policies (so long favorite restaurant), racial fervor stirred by what could be some very unfair policing (but lead to what were unquestionably riots), and an unprincipled mob lashing out at anything that does not accommodate their beliefs the stage is set for disaster. Gonzo Joe seems to be running towards the madness by supporting policies of spying, inflation, and gun legislation. A careless or thoughtless media (including social media) is largely omitting many facts mentioned above and certainly suppressing opinions. If they allow Joe to overhaul voting systems to give his side an unconstitutional advantage or God forbid deliver him the Supreme Court, it is hard not to predict catastrophe.

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