Birmingham ‘Pride’ Parade – Nothing to be Proud Of │Michael Curzon

Working in the centre of Birmingham, I see more than my fair share of preachers, performers and sellers. At the weekend, my eyes (and ears) were forcedly cast on the ‘Pride’ parade.

There certainly is something to be proud of and to applaud; I know of no one (including myself) who is displeased by the increasing acceptance of homosexuals in society over the last century. From what I saw, however, the ‘Pride’ parade did more to bring shame, as opposed to celebration, to this cause.

I have seen some unusual sights in Birmingham, but this parade was the first (and I hope the last) time I have seen old men, wearing no more than leather dog masks and leather under-wear and with whips in hands, marching to the repeated chorus of ‘LGBT’, with crowds gathering around, whooping and cheering as though this sight was completely normal.

What made the spectacle all the more distressing was the fact children as young as four-years-old (the age at which they are most impressionable) had been brought by their parents, and handed rainbow flags, and glared as these large groups of men walked by – not to mention the other groups of both men and women, again wearing very little, who were dancing on each other and (how should one put this?) ‘jiggling’ areas which are better to be kept private.

There is a reason (beyond that relating to their violence) that films such as Pulp Fiction, with its infamous ‘gimp’ scene, are rated 18 years or over; it is not right, nor healthy, for children to see such sites as old men clad in nothing but leather. Yet here I was, stood watching MPs and high officials of both the Labour and (so-called) ‘Conservative’ parties cheer in the same parade as these sights could be witnessed.

I truly dread to think what will come of a society in which the younger generations are brought up to believe that such carryings-on are not merely accepted as normal but are celebrated.

I must comment that this not only does a great deal of harm to children but also to the LGBT movement; it only turns people away who would otherwise happily accept and embrace the cause.

The rest of the parade seemed to have been hijacked by large companies (Virgin, John Lewis, HSBC, etc), advertisements for which covered all the passing busses and floats. I can imagine the aim of this was to appear liberal and trendy so as to boost their profits by luring in more young customers.

It is worth pointing out that, compared to other ‘Pride’ marches which can be seen on this internet, this parade was actually rather tame. How semi-nakedness, horn-blowing, mass-advertisement and doggish behaviour can be considered a celebration of societal progression, I do not know.

It seems, to me, to be more a sign of societal decline than of advancement, for which we should not celebrate but rather hang our heads in shame.


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