Bojo Should Go but it May Not Matter in the End | Jake Painter

The current political climate feels much like what it was in the immediate period before the 1964 General Election. The Tories – after having 12 years of continuous government – were battered and bruised. They were reeling from the Profumo Affair, where Secretary of State for War John Prufumo was found to be having an extramarital affair with the 19-year-old model Christine Keeler. An accusation that Profumo denied but was later exposed as lying to the House of Commons. Profumo was forced to resign on the 3rd of June 1963 and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was forced to resign in October citing ‘ill health’.

This is important to note is because there are many parallels between that Tory government and Boris Johnson’s current government. Don’t get me wrong, as a matter of principle, Johnson should absolutely resign and I don’t care about preserving the ‘Conservative’ Party by any means but the damage is essentially done. Like the Tories before 1964, the Tories now are rocked and fatally undermined by sleaze scandals. In addition to now spending over 12 years in government, there is also the general sense that the public are now tired of the Tories and are generally ready for a change of government.

Whoever takes over the reigns if Johnson leaves, will occupy the same position that Alec Douglas Hume occupied when he took over from Macmillan. Hume, an upstanding fellow by all accounts, was unable to turn the public mood that had gone against the Tories and effectively carried on with a dead administration that was doomed to failure come the next election. Anyone who would hypothetically take over from Johnson would fair the same, so I’m fairly relaxed about the whole affair. The Tories ship is sinking, it’s all about who’s going to captain it.

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