Boris’ time is up | Harvey McCartney

With Boris tearing the Tory party in two, it seems that both camps are now filling up, on one side, we have the ones calling for the PM to leave, post Sue Gray report, it has shown that their leader is someone who cannot be trusted, someone who broke his own law. On the other camp are the #BackBoris group, those who use jingoism as their main tool to keep Johnson and the Jubilee only fuelling their fire. Whilst Johnson is a man whose days are quite numbered, the question that should really being asked is not “if” he will go, its “who will take the reins”? In the past months we have seen challengers to the PM rise and fall dramatically, in the lead up to the budget, Sunak seemed set to sail the ship, yet sunk in popularity weeks later. With the Ukraine conflict taking over our front pages, naturally the defence secretary Liz Truss’ popularity increased, but has seemed to plateau in recent months.

The problem with the timing of this vote of no confidence is that it comes weeks before a seemingly clear loss for the Conservatives in Wakefield, already polling 20 points behind Labour, any potential leader’s own confidence and morale, not that of their party, will be blown after losing a seat. Boris is a man who broke his own rules, after having such a close affair with death with Covid, one could only imagine you would be a lot more careful when it came to contact with others, let alone holding parties. I believe Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel summarised many people’s feelings perfectly when he said, “If I am explaining something to my kids on how to behave…if I do the exact opposite, what do you think they’ll make of it?”

Boris’ time is up, but who will take over, that is the question that should be asked.

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