By Hell or High Water│ Ben Khamis

A revolution is coming to the Conservative party: it may be peaceful, it may be messy, but that there will be one is a total certainty.

At current, the Conservative Party is something of a colonial entity, with a small group of tight-knit elites presiding over a vast entity to which they are ideologically opposed, and, as history will tell us, such a system cannot last indefinitely. This situation is a leftover from the days of New Labour, when British politics became a valueless race to the centre, rather than a reflection of ideology or principles. The fallout of this, rather predictably, was an increase in votes for “third” parties like UKIP and the SNP, who presented a more respectable choice to the British people, as did the Vote Leave campaign, whose sudden success terrified the “Wet Tory Clique,” as I term them, who are regrettably still in control of the party, clinging to the fact that they won the 2010 and 2015 elections, despite the fact that had the Labour opposition not been so poor, they likely would have lost it.

Indeed, Theresa May’s drawn out calamity of a Premiership has only been able to stagger on for so long thanks to one man – Jeremy Corbyn, whose backward socialist principles and thoughtless left populism has up until now been enough to keep the bulk of the Tory party in line for fear of toppling the government and allowing Corbyn into power; however, for many, the Chequers betrayal was a final straw, since a bad Brexit deal would seal the Conservative Party’s doom far more brutally than a move from Corbyn ever could. This is a significant advantage for actual conservatives within the party, since it gives us a legitimate rally-point from which to take the offensive and stand up for our values. Another advantage is of course the high-profile Conservatives like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg who expertly raise awareness of the discontent among the lower ranks of the party outside of it, thus proving to the public that Theresa May and her cabal of elite supporters are not representative of Tories at large, and that their time will soon be up.

It has been a drab two years since the Brexit Vote, but are we really any better off since then? May has wasted all that time by never truly committing a stance or a clear plan into action, and while the government “busies itself” with Brexit matters, the country is slowly eroding away beneath them: crime is skyrocketing, and not just in London, as the media would have you believe; significant political points are being lost to UKIP once again; silly virtue-signalers are rampaging unchecked; and from the outside, we are a total joke. Britain will continue to slowly slide downwards when we should be rocketing up, if May and her decrepit elites are not swiftly removed from office by a Conservative leader more suited to the job, we may soon suffer irreparable damage from which recovery is not a possibility.

Theresa May is like a woodworm aboard a ship – only a grievance at the start of the voyage, but devastating if left unchecked. We barely clung to power in last year’s elections, because she comes across as arrogant, robotic, wooden and taking the public for granted. She had no vision for the country, and regardless of whether you agreed with it or not, Corbyn appeared to. May’s manifesto was one of the worst in recent memory as it had no direction and appeared to be as vague and unclear as a manifesto could possibly be. The only policy of note, the so-called, ‘dementia tax’ will go down as a massive blunder in years to come, mark my words.

Regardless of whatever secretarial competence she may have, as a campaigner she is utterly atrocious. She reminds me of Hillary Clinton in that way: most confident as an administrator, but not very likable, very scripted and doesn’t come across well, especially against a figure on the other side who, although is on the extreme of his party, is charismatic and has a vision.

In short, it is becoming clearer by the day that, as Theresa May’s dinosaur politics is on its final few ounces of fuel, true conservatives are waiting in the wings to take over and properly establish a strong right-wing government to lead this country forward, and I for one will cheer the day it happens. A revolution is coming, Mrs May, by hell or high water.

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