By Piling on Boris Johnson, His Critics are Saving Him | Ashley Karmanski

On the 31st January, Parliament held a heated debate when the Prime Minister apologised and spent an hour answering questions from MPs. However, it all descended into a ‘Carry on Parliament’ scenario that both Kenneth Williams and Sid James would have been proud of. MP after MP took their chance to grandstand to the public, and either criticise the Prime Minister, or ask for his resignation.  

The trials and tribulations of Boris Johnson are well documented, and many could/ will argue that they are predictable shortcomings, but is the undignified pile-on keeping the Prime Minister in office?

Boris Johnson has found himself in major trouble over “Partygate” and birthday cakes, he has seen his personal approval ratings plummet to such a level, he is now lagging behind Sir Keir Starmer for prime ministerial preference in the latest polls.

The anger felt by the public is entirely justified, however, contrary to what politicians might think, voters have long memories. In the case of politicians, the public remember that many of those politicians now preaching about the suffering inflicted on people, themselves voted for the very restrictions that inflicted the suffering in the first place, such as mask mandates and vaccine passports.

The Prime Minister appears to have broken the rules, but Labour’s failure to capitalise could have something to do with the blatant hypocrisy and grandstanding taking place in parliament. Sir Keir Starmer, Steven Kinnock, Nicola Sturgeon, Mark Drakeford, Angela Rayner and Jeremy Corbyn are just a few examples of politicians who all broke the rules, yet faced no fines or police investigations.  

The latest polls from the likes of YouGov, Redfield and Wilton, Survation and others, have the Conservative party levelling out in the polls, and in some cases, gaining a couple of points, with the Labour party either remaining stagnant, or losing a point or two, although the Labour party do still hold an average lead of five to eight points.

The public certainly dislike it when rule makers become rule breakers, but they also dislike hypocrisy in equal measure.

The mainstream media has also taken its chance to wade in as much as possible, dedicating weeks of programming to the topic of Boris Johnson and his resignation, something which is wearing thin and looks more like a witch-hunt, rather than the mainstream media doing what it is meant to, and presenting impartial news, sadly, large segments of the coverage are dominated by speculation, and not fact.

Lest we forget, members of the media also broke lockdown rules, such as Kay Burley (Sky) and Beth Rigby (Sky), and we also saw Robert Peston (ITV) attending a Downing Street briefing not wearing a mask, and only applying a mask when the cameras went to him. It could be argued that the relentless mainstream media bore-fest has had little impact, data from Reuters showed that just 28% of UK citizens trust the mainstream media “most of the time”.

The Prime Ministers position cannot be called safe by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact remains that the only people who can remove him, are his own MP’s, in theory, he could carry on until the next general election if the required 54 letters of no confidence are not given to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the influential 1922 committee of Tory backbenchers.

The truth is, nobody has any idea what the future really holds for Boris Johnson, least of all opposition politicians or the BBC, CH4, ITV or Sky.

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