CANZUK: Now, More Than Ever | Ilija Dokmanovic

As we have progressed through the new year and its promising start to be no less relentless and brutal as the previous one, we observe a world order that is in tatters. The United States of America, once the proud leader of the free world, is struggling to quell the political divisions that have been steadily growing over the past decade as both sides continue to regress and double down on extremism and refuse to properly understand each other. Questions of freedom and liberty continue to arise as a new political class has emerged with big business and big tech exercising more power, jumping from the soft social influence that we’ve grown accustomed to, to outright blacklisting political opposition, including the former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

While Joe Biden has stressed “unity”in his inaugural ceremony, it becomes ever more clear with his cabinet picks and most recent Executive Orders that his vision of unity is under some sort of quasi-Marxist nanny state. His policy on girls sports is just a taste of the madness that we’ll see under the “woke” Democratic government. Disappointingly, there seems to be no calming of the rodeo on the extremes of the political right, with tens of thousands of people tuning-in to Q Anon conspiracy videos on BitChute. Frankly, unless some miracle occurs we’re looking at a political powderkeg that could go off, and at the worst possible time, globally.

I’ve written previously about the threat of a hegemonic China stepping in where the United States is losing face; not only is this a threat that has for too long gone unaddressed by our leadership, but it is also a threat which is not being contained by the very institutions that are meant to hold ambitious and abusive nations to account. Xi Jinping states this week that he wishes to see a unified world, where we stop “interfering in others domestic affairs” and are committed to the WHO, WTO, and the Paris Climate Accords.

Of course, this comes at a time where China’s internal divisions are being quelled by force (with barely any protest from the Western leaders), and they are in the perfect position to take the economic reigns of the West (thanks to the fear-politics of Western leaders). It’s funny how they didn’t have this attitude of cooperation and peaceful coexistence ten or twenty years ago, isn’t it?

Now more than ever the world needs a leading superpower that will not succumb to the Cultural Marxism that has infected Western politics for the last decade, a nation that will stand up for the rights of free men and women across the globe. One that also does not sell its people to the elite media and financial class in order to advance selfish political agendas. Not only an example to look to, but a security and trade power that can stand up in the face of another global threat. While Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada may all have their own problems, stressed greatly by the coronavirus epidemic, we have managed to overcome many of the challenges that last year brought us. Whatever the situation is now with coronavirus, we will overcome it like we have overcome other pandemics. While the current generation of Anglosphere politicians may be as useful as a soluble life-preserver, my observation and meetings of up-and-coming political thinkers and leaders tells me that this is only temporary.

While it may have seemed impossible to our liberal sensibilities and our trusting nature, the United Nations can no longer be seen as a protective measure against rising global threats. Succumbing to the political strongarming of the Chinese government, we can no longer guarantee that OUR free and sovereign will can be ensured and trusted by a post-war supranational institute that gets dominated more and more by moneyed interests. This is an organization that sat idly as the good people of Hong Kong were subdued under the communist boot of Beijing. They were complicit in hiding the scale of the coronavirus epidemic, at the cost of millions of lives and billions of pounds of people’s livelihoods. The United Nations, along with other globalist organizations have become the tools for industries like big tech, finance, and pharma to push through their own agendas and psychotic visions of a materialist world, neatly wrapped in a child-friendly bow and spruced up with colorful language.

Worse still, is that they are more than happy using countries like China to avoid the rules and regulations of Europe and America, benefiting a belligerent power in the process. These aren’t industry-crippling regulations, but regulations that are put in place to protect the consumers from harm, as well as ensuring the safety and security of our nations. If the United Nations. The World Economic Forum, DAVOS, and all these other supranational institutions and organizations don’t have the backbone or moral compass to hold everyone to account equally, it is time to cut them loose. If they are just going to become another globalist roadblock in the face of true freedom, democratic values, and our very identity, then it is time that we disregard such institutions. It is time to reclaim our independence not only from the EU, but apparently from the whole wide world.

Sir Edward Grey once disparagingly predicted on the twilight of the First World War “the lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall never see them lit again in our life-time”. For the historian or the passive observer of the Western World, it is a quote that rings far too true regarding the nihilistic and soul-crushing plight of the most horrendous wars ever experienced by man. It was my understanding growing up that, despite the cataclysmic destruction to the Old World Order that existed prior to WWI & WWII, the lights had been switched back on with the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the USSR and communism in continental Europe – or at least that was the story we were sold from the cradle. As I have grown older, and as I have seen the “perfect” liberal democracies devolve into nothing but ideological shit-flinging between political grifters and opportunists, it becomes ever clearer that no, the lights that Sir Edward Grey was referring to remain switched off, mostly because the current stewards of our nations forgot to pay the bill, figuratively speaking.

While observers and intellectuals over the past few decades have claimed that Britain’s day in the sun as an influential world-power was well and truly over, and that the UK was to become another EU vassal, Britain defied all of them and took the courageous stand to reclaim national sovereignty.

Despite the roadblocks, the kicking and screaming from its detractors, and the political and media circus that surrounded Brexit, it succeeded. Not only has it succeeded, but the regeneration of British national spirit in the wake of Brexit has shown that the British people aren’t out for the count just yet. The military spending budget for the UK has shown that it is ready to re-emerge as a military power, not as reliant on the protections and assurances of the “special relationship” that is almost entirely one-sided with the United States. Britain’s rapid response to the coronavirus epidemic, and the wide-scale distribution of vaccines across the country has shown that even when it’s cut-off from the rest of the world, Britain can fare better than most.

While Great Britain has shown immense strength through these tough and turbulent times, so have other commonwealth nations; Australia’s cutting-off of coal shipments to China show that there are still countries out there that can’t be paid to look the other way from gross abuses of human rights and liberties. Canada’s response to the Biden administration over the scrapping of the Keystone XL pipeline shows that, despite Trudeau’s lack of vertebrae, Canada will still stand up for their interests and citizen’s manufacturing jobs, at least verbally. Despite my own reservations in celebrating Jacinda Arden’s response to the pandemic like the media has, I will say that New Zealand’s stability and sensibility has been a source of inspiration for many across the world.

This Australia Day, as I look through memories of my home country, it’s history, it’s triumphs as well as its tragedies, I cannot help but feel pride to be a part of one of the greatest civilizations to bless this world. Not just Australia, but the Anglosphere in general. What we have achieved in shaping humanity’s path, standardizing and spreading liberty, the rule of law, and modern miracles across the globe is unparalleled compared to most other civilizations. Looking at old photos of my ANZAC great-great grandfather, I am reminded of the world he fought, and died to protect. Had he survived the war, and by some miracle had he been lucky enough to see the state of the world now, I am sure that he and men like him would shake their heads in shame about us not answering to our call, and not standing up for our countries when they needed us the most.

In this sense, Sir Edward Grey’s words still hold a level of morbid truth. We are perhaps the most disorientated from our priorities as a nation, and out of balance with ourselves that we have dropped the ball in being stewards for the next generation. Chinese Communists, and those aligned with their interests have been planting themselves in positions of power and influence across the globe; whether it is Africa, Asia, South America, or even within our own borders. If there is no other force to act as a stone-wall against this aggressive expansion, subversion, and eventual domination, there will be no stopping the horrors of what we may witness, especially as they have the unspoken support of the United Nations, big business, and worryingly, the Biden administration. Given what we are already seeing in Western China with the Uighurs, I don’t think my fears are too far off the mark.

Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the other British Overseas Territories are the only nations in a position of strength and stability that can stand up to this threat. Logistically, if these countries were to enter into a trade and security alliance, CANZUK wouldn’t only be one of the world’s strongest economies, but the combined military strength of CANZUK would be large enough to be taken seriously by foreign adversaries like China, or Russia. Not only would CANZUK stand up and speak out against human rights abuses and expansionist regimes, but it would also have the military capability to back it’s words. Imagine how differently the situation in Hong Kong last year would have turned out if combined navies blockaded Beijing for their blatant disregard for the Sino-British Joint Declaration? I’d imagine we wouldn’t see as many fine people being rounded up and sent to political prisons.

Logistics aside, what CANZUK has the potential to be is deeper than any mere trade agreement or shared alliance in the face of a greater foe. What we all share; a common language, a common faith, history that is bound in blood, sweat and tears, advancement of individual liberties and responsibility, a shared cultural heritage, and unity under the traditions of the Crown – these are all things that should unify us now more than ever in the face of an ever changing world order. Where supranational and unelected institutions may dictate what is best for us and the world, we know it in our hearts that the only people who have the Anglosphere’s best interests at heart are those who reside and make the Anglosphere what it is.

I’m sure the detractors of such an idea would cite the multicultural make-up of the various Commonwealth nations, believing that holding ourselves to an “Imperialist” past identity should be condemned, or at the very least deconstructed to make us more “progressive”. These naysayers might also see this as a provocation to other nations and powers; surely the world can’t handle a multipolar world? Surely the embracing of CANZUK will mean disastrous optics to the Global South? What about our responsibility towards reforming the UN? CANZUK would fracture relationships with both the United States and China, two potentially massive trading partners, surely it would be disastrous?

Listening to points like this, it is evident that the only thing stopping CANZUK from happening are the ideological wets and unexceptional representatives that just so happen to be politicians and activists. Fear is not a justifiable reason to ignore the self-actualization that is necessary to achieve CANZUK. As for how other nations would see CANZUK, I’d wager that a global superpower that rivals both China and the United States would actually help to stabilize the global tensions that are currently rising. Especially if that nation has had a more than phenomenal track record in being a rather benevolent global force. Remember, had it not been for the British Empire many of the comforts we take for granted; rule of law, human rights, abolition of chattle slavery, technological marvels that have increased the quality of life – all of these things wouldn’t exist had it not been for the excellence of a global power led by Great Britain. Not only this, but it can be assuredly claimed that one of the finest examples of multi-cultural cohesion was during the height of Pax Britannica; look no further than Britain’s military to understand this. I’m sure that, when faced with having to pick between the Chinese Communist Party and Silicon Valley psychopaths, most of the world would choose neither. Surely it’s wise to offer an alternative to the false dichotomy?

While the world we have found ourselves in in 2021 is drastically different to the comforts we grew used to under the post-Cold War world, we have been given a choice of how we navigate our future:

Will we be governed by the fear and the social dogma that has wrought disaster time and time again, and has degraded our society? Will we submit ourselves to an ambitious and abusive hegemon, in fear that if we do not submit, we will starve? Will we discard the last remnants of our identity to embrace a hyper-consumerist hive, where individuality and emotion are seen as weaknesses to be stamped-out? Will we, as a people, go gently into that good night?

Or, will we finally embrace the source of our strength? Will we finally embrace our true identity, not the cheap imitation sold to us by the elites? Will we allow ourselves to answer the call to Faith? Will we band together in the face of a global evil that has entrenched itself in the soul of our world? Will we be the light that the rest of the world looks to for strength and guidance, as they once did? I believe that we are ready to answer those questions, and I am optimistic in all of our nation’s ability to answer the call to duty.

The world is crying out for leadership, leadership that is fair, just, and working towards ever higher ideals than the ones we’ve grown accustomed to in our modern society. We’ve just come out of a world system that was dominated and shaped by materialism, wealth and the pursuit of capital over anything else. The lack of moral guidance that has gripped our secular sensibilities has led to disaster, and evidently with the self-consumption of the United States, we are in dire need of a new global figurehead that will lead the way. While the times are chaotic now, and the future seems as unsure as it does, there is no better time for a Global Britain, for CANZUK, to take up the torch of liberty in a darker and more isolated world. We need to do right by Sir Edward Grey, and the men who laid down their lives in the millions to create a better world for their children and grandchildren.

It is time for us to reignite the lamps. It is time for us to embrace CANZUK.

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