Communism: An Old Foe That Never Went Away | Adam Garrie

There is never a single legitimate excuse for the use of force or violence of any kind in the pursuit of a political goal. In fact, the very definition of terrorism is the use of violence and the threat of violence in pursuit of a political goal. Despite this truism, the left’s favourite form of exercise is the performance of psychological acrobatics with the aim of justifying certain acts of terrorism.

A classic example of this has been the British far-left’s penchant for whitewashing IRA terrorism. Today’s IRA is called BLM and their goals are in fact even more wide reaching than those of the IRA. Unlike the IRA which did what it said on the tin, the phrase “black lives matter” when taken at face value, is a true statement and indeed a valiant one. In an age where human life is becoming less and less sacred under the guise of hyper-secularism, it is nice to be reminded that human life is in fact sacred. However, BLM is an organisation with clear goals and highly successful fundraising schemes at its disposal. It is as far removed from its benign sounding name as one could imagine. By its own admission it seeks to radically overthrow the existing social and economic order in pursuit of what can only objectively be called communism.

In the United Sates but also in Britain, the world has also witnessed the wicked hand of Antifa present at multiple riots. The name Antifa is of course derived from the German ‘Antifaschistische Aktion’. This was the name of the hard-line militant wing of Germany’s inter-war Communist Party (KPD). The leader of the KPD was none other than Ernst Thälmann, a craven Stalinist who relied heavily on material support from the Soviet state.  

Today’s Antifa share the same goals as its German predecessor and its sources of funds are equally dubious. Just because a Thälmann character has yet to appear as the ringleader of today’s Antifa, this does not in any way negate the clear and present dangers that such a group represents. Most ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists in Europe are not taking direct orders from a central command organisation in Syria and Iraq. Instead, most such terrorists are drug users with a weakened mental state that is the plaything for those seeking to radicalise such damaged psyches. In this sense, when one declares loyalty to the ISIS ideology, one becomes ISIS. The same is true of Antifa.

  Like communist organisations in Latin America, Africa and Asia, the communist enemies of the west operating in western nations are more than happy to create tensions between races, nationalities, ethnicities, religious groups and classes in order to divide and cripple the victim nation, thus making a leftist takeover all the more easy.

After decades of marching quietly through once great western institutions, today’s young left have taken it upon themselves to march through the streets, spreading blood, broken bones and broken glass wherever they trudge.

For those who think that a full scale communist insurrection cannot happen in western countries with traditions of freedom and the rule of law, one only needs to examine how much of the mass media are giving false legitimacy to ideas as dangerous as abolishing the police, desecrating private property and stealing personal wealth.

It is nothing short of insane that the media are bestowing airtime to those whose goal is to desecrate and destroy numerous statutes, monuments and memorials throughout the country, as if such goals are in any way socially or legally acceptable.

The west is facing a new Cold War and like the first Cold War, it involves a major foreign adversary, but it also involves a communist enemy within. Those who wish to overthrow our social order, our traditions, our faith based institutions, our economic liberties, our right to a family life and our individual liberties are indeed the enemies of western civilisation, just as communism was during the Cold War of the last century.

The burning of books, the toppling of statues, the desecration of memorials and flags are lawless acts designed to sow fear among ordinary people and to moreover demoralise them into submission to a violent menace that in no way reflects the opinion of decent people whether black, white or any other colour.

Insofar as this is the case, people of all colours and backgrounds should unite against the one colour which threatens our freedoms and our way of life. This colour is red. The Cold War did not end in 1991, it merely went into a deceptive hibernation. Every tool used to retard the advance of communism in the twentieth century must be re-examined so that we do not lose a new fight to an old adversary. 

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