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This month’s dispatch comes at a time when the Union flag is flying from the White House, all along Constitution Avenue, to the U.S. Capitol building. Usually, such a moment would be one of extreme jubilation on my part. Unfortunately, the occasion is to mark the passing of our great monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

It is still cheering to see that amongst all the vitriol from woke American “professors” on the internet, even the far-left Mayor of Washington, D.C. can get her act together to honour the extraordinary life and work of our Sovereign. I’m not sure such a plan will be in place the next time around. Which isn’t so much a reflection on Charles III as it is the direction of the United States, politically. God Save the King. 

This month we reported at The National Pulse that Joe Biden appears to have hired a satanist as his monkeypox co-ordinator (ostensibly in opposition to the disease, though one can’t be sure).

“Ha! What else did you expect?” I hear you quip.

But I don’t mean a “satanist” in a “this man is an obvious degenerate” sense. I mean an actual satanist. Who follows the Satanic Temple TV channel on social media, has pentagram tattoos, and whose partner runs a gothic, satan-worshipping gym in New York City in the hollowed out shell of abandoned church. An actual satanist.

And while traffic to my website as a result of our exclusive reporting on this was obviously through the roof, the thing that has stunned me most about this is the apathetic reaction from even conservative media sources, many of which I regret to inform you now also believe that it is in someway “homophobic” to put such people on blast for this behavior. I shan’t name names, but the “far right” media sources that you hear the BBC and the Guardian bemoan, especially in America, are nothing of the sort. This will become even more apparent to readers in the coming months and years. 

Even the story about a Democrat politician in Nevada allegedly murdering an investigative news reporter for outing his corruption has scarcely been touched. Haven’t heard of it? I’m not surprised. The corporate media continues to harp on about some village in Ukraine that Zelensky has “retaken,” while a ranty Joe Biden continues to ratchet up the political temperature ahead of America’s mid terms. At every juncture, the right takes the bait. Yawn. 

I am far more concerned with forging new paths and creating new narratives and hammering home on those until they become the reality we need them to be. That’s what we did on the run up to 2016, on both sides of the pond. I’m also reminded by the Sweden Democrats’ latest successes that I was the first English-language reporter to do a full interview with party leader Jimmie Akesson (in Molenbeek, no less) which wasn’t a hit job. That was in 2015. 

Which is why I have enjoyed reading and contributing to The Mallard so much in recent months. The pragmatic futurism contained within these pages is an example to those who wonder how we can win against such entrenched corporate and political interests. It starts from outlets like this. I have also enjoyed long conversations with Jake Scott, of this parish, on what the future looks like for right media. More on that in the near future. 

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