Explosion in Madrid | Edward Anderson

Around three o’clock in Madrid, the sound of police sirens hurtling down the street as I was walking to the bank caught my attention. Just past La Latina, a building had been completely destroyed by a probable explosion in Calle Toledo 98.  

Just five minutes up the road from where I live there was already a heavy police presence and people already being treated at the bus stop for what look like injuries due to debris from the building.  

It is unknown how many more people have been hurt but this could be made all the worse by the fact anyone who could work from home would have been doing so. It is hard to say luckily but I dread to think how slow the response would have been last week, when Madrid’s roads were completely blocked due to the recent storm and the potential for a quick response and helicopter support would have been impossible.  

Most disturbingly, I saw two photographers who had already been requested by police to clear the road (which a fire engine had come down moments before) come back out onto the road whilst ambulances were next to La Latina being given the ok to drive down. Taking photos fine, I did it for this website, potentially stopping an ambulance? Absolutely not. 

The sound of helicopters is overhead and this is just the latest horrible event in what has turned out to be a horrible start of the year for Madrid and Spain as a whole. Let us hope that as many people as possible were not in that building. 

Photo owned by Edward Anderson.

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