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Prime Minister, you had every chance. You won, with a good majority, grew public support for the party, outside its traditional base, and got Brexit done (done enough for now at least).

What went wrong? You locked everyone in their homes. Even without hindsight the reasoning was flimsy. With it you hobbled all sorts of our way of life. Social, health, economic, educational.

You’ve weakened our currency, disrupted supply chains, and depleted the military. Isn’t that what’s supposed to be happening to Russia, not us?

You’ve raised taxes, done nothing substantial about immigration, or house building, and completely squandered the opportunity to fundamentally change the governing assumptions of the country.

You are without vision, let alone the ability to act on it.

Yet the public seemed totally fine with all of this for the longest time. That was saving you. All you had to do was not be a totally appetitive imbecile and you couldn’t even manage that. It’s one thing that you ordered the country to destroy itself and stayed popular, as long as you appeared to actually believe you were doing the right thing.

Authenticity is the top contemporary virtue. That you were authentically you appealed to people used to receiving politicians trained to be a particular way. Somehow you threw away the one thing that you had going for you, and on which everything else relied. You set rules all the while living a lie.

If everything else isn’t enough already, this is what, in today’s culture, sealed you as a traitor. Somehow it isn’t that you are governing the UK as if it is an enemy to be destroyed.

Boris Johnson, go. Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

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