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They say the year 2020 will have to be referred to in the future by quarter, such is the significance of the year. The same can be said about the past week in British Politics. The week started with the news that from today it will be compulsory to wear a ‘face covering’ when shopping in Britain. A somewhat strange move, mandating PPE after the peak of a pandemic, to say the least. Qulliam Co-Founder Maajid Nawaz went on hunger strike until a petition on the Uighur Muslim genocide in China reached one-hundred thousand signatures, the milestone required for a petition to be discussed in parliament. Nawaz campaigned and demonstrated without food for four days. Only for Liberal Democrat Leadership Candidate, Ed Davey, to credit the petition to the Lib Dems, excluding Nawaz.

An own goal, considering Nawaz is usually an advocate for the Quasi-Centrist Party. Shamima Begum then reappeared having won a legal battle to be tried in the UK, under UK Law. Naturally, it divided the country. The same people who just a few days before were celebrating West Midlands Police arrested of a twelve year old boy for racially abusing Crystal Palace Striker, Wilfred Zaha on Twitter, were the same ones who led the cry to exonerate Begum of any wrong doing due to her age (15) when she fled to Syria. The same people, paradoxically, believe Greta Thunberg, also 15, to be a world expert on just about everything. The inevitable happened when It was announced that the NHS was being taken to court for giving a person hormone blockers as a child. Unsurprisingly, since the child has transcended into adulthood, they have realised they weren’t ready to make a permanent life decision before they were old enough to buy a lottery ticket. A danger that many of us who are usually compared to Hitler have repeatedly warned would eventually happen. Then there was the Russian Report. It seems strange that it has taken so much time and money to confirm that Russian Foreign Policy is one that is centralised on destabilising Western Democracies. I can’t wait for the next Government Report to confirm: Water is wet.

Whilst the stories mentioned above are worthy of further analysis, now is not the time. There is one story over the past week that is by far the most significant, however has gained the least press and outrage. I am talking about the TriggerPod interview with Rotherham Grooming Gang Survivor, Dr Ella Hill. The interview itself was one of the most brutally candid I have ever heard. I cried, I shouted, I despaired as Dr Hill shared her brave story. I messaged friends as I watched live and proclaimed, ‘this will be significant’. However, it wasn’t. The interview never spawned a Twitter Trend. No national newspapers have picked up the story, and no MP’s have commented. Have people ‘shut up for the sake of diversity’?

The interview was no doubt worthy of a week’s long editorial in the National Press. The Grooming Scandal is by far the biggest event of injustice and corruption in British Politics. If you think this is an exaggeration, I will recall some of Dr Hill’s comments from the interview.

Dr Hill started by defining what is meant when she says Grooming Gangs: it is a definition that Dr Hill herself is fighting to have recognised as the official definition, ‘racially or religiously aggravated group or network-based rape’. Dr Hill, who has worked with British authorities on reports and investigations claimed that as many as half a million girls in most big cities and towns have been affected over a 40-year period. Yes, you read that correctly; half a million.

Dr Hill then proceeded to tell her harrowing story. One that started in her late teens and with her Pakistani Boyfriend. Dr Hill explained how this had become a ‘religiously charged’ controlling relationship. Which then resulted in Dr Hill being taken to neighbouring Sheffield and Bradford to be ‘beaten and raped’ in flats above takeaways. Dr Hill explained that she moved away to escape the torture, however her perpetrators found her. The perpetrators even arranged an honour killing, that Dr Hill Survived. It was the next part in the interview that left hosts, Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster unable to formulate a response. They had asked Dr Hill if she had contacted the police. To which Dr Hill stated she went to the police five times, with medical notes stating that her Ex-Boyfriend had tried to kill her, to which the police said, ‘there is nothing we can do’. Again, I will repeat, the police said, ‘there is nothing we can do‘. Dr Hill said that the police never even questioned the perpetrator or took any photographs of the evidence (Injuries).

Dr Hill told the reason for why she was not protected and why the police did not act. Muslims, immigrants, people of colour are protected groups, and white people are not. Therefore, it is not possible for a white person to be subject to a religiously or racially motivated attack. Even though Dr Hill explained that her ‘whiteness’ was repeatedly referenced whilst she was raped and abused. Dr Hill stated that ‘references to her whiteness was always at the forefront of the perpetrators mind’. Dr Hill explained that her perpetrators used her whiteness as a justification for what they were doing. That they were allowed to do it.

The next stage to the interview had me, a Yorkshireman from a tough council estate, in tears. When the presenters made an observation that Dr Hill did not seem vengeful or speaking out from a place of revenge. Dr Hill stated that she ‘will not be driven to hate anyone based on their race or religion’. And that she goes out of her way to ensure she spends times with her Pakistani friends. Dr Hill is no doubt an outstanding woman. The pride of Britain. However, some do not share that view.

The second half of the interview talked about Dr Hill’s experiences on Twitter, where she admitted she and her family are ‘scared of Antifa’, the “anti-fascist” movement. This group blame Dr Hill for having the audacity to speak out against her injustice. I will again repeat, Anti-fascists blame and attack a Grooming Gang Rape and Attempted Murder Survivor. Not only do Antifa thugs troll and torment Dr Hill online, they have attempted to Dox Dr Hill, and have succeeded in Doxing her friends. Doxing is when personal information is released online, usually intended for harassment or harmful purposes. Now it is not hard to understand that Dr Hill is a vulnerable person, has had to change her identity and move away from her hometown. You would expect Twitter to intervene at this point. Considering Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, being the compassionate social justice campaigner, he is. Dr Hill reported the racist, abusive and threatening comments to Twitter, to which they replied that ‘it did not breach their guidelines’. Dr Hill, determined as ever, went to an external hate organisation to find out why Twitter would not protect her and remove the thug’s comments. Twitter responded ‘we don’t remove any anti-white Tweets because white people have not been historically marginalised and oppressed’. Dr Hill is subsequently taking a break from Twitter, to escape the abuse from Antifa. That was until Tuesday, when Dorsey and his mob decided to take action, only it was against Dr Hill. Dr Hill took to social media site Parler to announce: ‘This morning I see that my Twitter account has been suspended. I have not been told why. I assume it’s due to “malicious mass reporting” from “the mob”‘. It seems that Twitter suspended Dr Hill for telling her story. How absolutely terrifying.

After reading the above, you may join me in complete despair at why this is not front-page news, why insurmountable pressure is not placed on the government to release the Grooming Gangs Report, and why more isn’t being done to tackle the issue. The Grooming Gang Scandal is the least discussed case of injustice in contemporary politics. MPs, Journalists, the Police, Social Justice Campaigners have been reticent on the subject for forty years. As LBC Radio Presenter and Quilliam Co-Founder Maajid Nawaz so accurately calls it, the Voldemort effect. If you do not speak its name, it cannot be true.

It seems The Police and other institutions charged with keeping us safe are not only reticent about the dangers of Fundamental Islam, they have learned nothing from the failures of the Grooming Scandal and seem ever more determined to jump down the woke rabbit hole. It was announced this week that the words Jihadi and Islamist Terror were under review from UK Police, as they don’t help ‘community relations’. It is not hard to see how the recent Black Lives Matter campaigns will make it harder for the survivors and future victims to seek justice.

The culture war is real, and the common-sense tribe have to win. I cannot imagine the future if we fail. Jack Dorsey’s future. It is our collectively responsibility to demand justice for the victims and survivors of the Grooming Gangs Scandal. You can help by sharing the TriggerPod Interview, email it your MP, and send it to your local paper. The girls deserve your support.

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash.

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