He should go, but who is coming to save us? | Christopher Winter

If this was a simpler time, I would invoke the spirit of Mr Hitchens and request that he stays. That is not to say I like his premiership, but that I think he could bring on the collapse of the current party and usher in something better. Alas, I feel as though those times are over. The party has proven time and time again that it simply can’t die, so we might as well have someone moderately competent at the levers of power.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly over-promised and under-delivered. Even with a huge majority, he has been unable to win the ‘culture war’ he claims to be fighting; he has seen a vast increase in immigration; and we are stuck with sovereignty-undermining protocols in Northern Ireland.

I don’t care about the parties during lockdown, I care about the fact that I couldn’t go to parties during lockdown. I care about the fact that the PM clearly thought it was ‘safe enough’ for him, so why wasn’t it safe enough for me? A half of my time at university ruined by a man so ‘terrified’ of COVID-19, that he held frequent parties in his own home.

The main issue is, however… who comes next? If Boris Johnson were to be dismissed, which current Tory MP is actually suitable to lead the party? The ‘big names’ in the cabinet are all either ridiculously unpopular or unfathomably uncharismatic (perhaps a deliberate choice by the PM for this exact situation?).

In conclusion, I am a bitter postgrad who just wants to live in a functioning state. That is impossible right now, so the next best thing is to witness the fall of the bloke who helped get us here.

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