How The Right Should Weaponize Cancel Culture | Jess Gill

Cancel culture is a modern form of ostracization whereby an individual, group or company is called out after they do something the public deems unacceptable. The mainstream right wing’s approach to cancel culture is that it is inherently a bad thing and that we must defend any victim of cancel culture.

To an extent, this is true. There are many situations in which individuals have been unjustly attacked by the Twitter mob and had their careers and reputations ruined. Whether that be historical figures who made comments that aren’t up to today’s moral standards, or academics who hold gender critical views getting bullied out of their institutions by trans activists.

However, just because there are cases of cancel culture going wrong doesn’t mean that the right should completely condemn it. There are individuals in society who deserve ostracization and whose ideas should receive backlash. Of course, the punishment should match the crime. If a public figure says something morally reprehensible, then should they still have the same love and support? In addition, society should have no problem “cancelling” rapists, murders and terrorists. 

Furthermore, the right already uses cancel culture. For example, when the Founder of the Race Trust, Aysha Khanom, posted a racist tweet about conservative commentator Calvin Robinson, she received a wave of backlash and was sacked by Leeds Beckett University. Is this not an example of cancel culture done right?

Another example is that when a company produces a woke advertisement they are met by a wave of backlash and by angered comments and sales dropping. This disincentivises companies from promoting messages that aren’t popular with the public. For example, when Gillette posted a commercial addressing “toxic masculinity”, the video received double the amount of dislikes to likes and sales significantly declining. This is a classic example of “go woke, go broke”. However, isn’t this just another type of cancel culture?

Realistically, regardless of how much the right cries about it and tries to be “the bigger person”, the left aren’t going to stop trying to tear down anyone who dares to go against their ideology. Since the right don’t fight back like the left do, it appears that the left are winning the war and that their opinion is the social norm. This is leading the average person who realistically isn’t dedicating much time to politics to just accept ideas like there are more than two genders and white people can’t experience racism.

If conservatives want to conserve our society, institutions and national philosophy, then we need to be more vocal about our beliefs. There are too many people who believe that postmodernist leftist ideas are normal and should be classed as apolitical. There are too many people who see the left as “the good guys” and anyone on the right as deeply bigoted and selfish. In order to win, we need to make our enemies feel small by making our voices louder. We need to call out the flaws and the wickedness in their arguments, ideas and actions. Unless the right uses cancel culture (responsibly) we will lose.

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