If Wokeism Didn’t Exist, Goldman Sachs Would Invent It | Mario Laghos

The industrial revolution wrought degradation for workers and untold riches for bosses, and this settlement which dumped the helpless into workhouses and children into factories demanded a challenge be mounted to it; Karl Marx was that challenge. Though much maligned, there is a lot to be said of his diagnosis of capitalism, flawed though many of his prescriptions were. But in calling for the workers to unite, he spoke to the reality that there must be a balance of power between the mass of people, and the elites.

Two hundred years later, the elite are unchecked in their continued consolidation of wealth, reaping the rewards of increased productivity while relegating workers to zero-hours contracts and making them dependent on food banks. Big businesses socialise their losses and privatise their profits, and the workers pick up the tab. Monopolies control access to information, and police the public forum in a way which would be considered tyrannical if a government were the perpetrator. International capital ruthlessly exploits resources, human labour, and tax loopholes to fill shareholder’s pockets with dividends, without regard for the nation states than enable their enrichment.

But the workers are not united. The ultimate check on corporate power, the collective power of workers, has been neutered; they have been divided, and are ruled. Instead of taking up common cause against trans-national oligarchies, they have been turned on one another by intersectional woke politics. Instead of pointing fingers up at the tax avoiders, many have been convinced to look across to their neighbour, and blame them.

We have been told it’s the fault of White working-class people, it’s toxic masculinity, that the West is institutionally racist, and that Asian Harvard graduates are hogging the opportunities. It’s not police brutality we should be concerned with, but police brutality against BAME people. It’s not corporate power we should be concerned with, but family-owned businesses who refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings. This poisonous creed now dominates the trade union movement, the very people charged with organising and uniting the workers. Our toothless unions march in lockstep with major corporations on every major issue. They support the mass migration of labour to depress wages, they support the balkanisation of workers, and they heartily endorse the dissolution of the nation state and embrace supranational organisations which exist to facilitate capitalist profiteering. And they think they are the revolutionaries in so doing. The far left used to be a threat to corporate power, now they are the corporate vanguard.

Ben and Jerry’s Twitter antics serve as a fine case study. Recently they used the platform to attack our democratically elected government for attempting to police the border it was democratically elected to protect. Of course, the Guardian and other useful idiots were out in force to praise the Unilever subsidiary for its woke stance. It is progressive to allow an unlimited number of illegal immigrants to enter the country, you understand. See, Ben and Jerry’s, like most international corporations, have it all worked out; they simultaneously flex their power to lobby for mass illegal migration so they can employ wage slaves in their plants, while also winning plaudits for being woke, a win-win if ever there was one.

The left of old was familiar with the concept of supply and demand, and understood it applied to labour just as much as it applied to commodities, which is why they all opposed the Common Market, and the EU thereafter. Just 9 years ago, the left was arguing corporations were not people, and should not enjoy free speech rights. Remember Romney’s infamous quip that ‘corporations are people, my friend’? Well, the left is now on his side, and they don’t even realise it. A decade ago, Occupy Wall Street was in full swing, it was a leftist challenge to the banking cartel which crashed our economy without consequence in 2008. Recall that unlike BLM, police officers didn’t get on their knees for Occupy, the media didn’t run cover, and world leaders had no warm words for the movement – because it presented a threat to the system, unlike BLM, which poses a threat only to landmarks and monuments of communities to which the system need not be concerned with. The oligarchy only needs adequately healthy consumer workers to scan bar codes and push buttons – aesthetic value, war memorials, road names, and murals are of no concern to it – they can all go. But Wall Street cannot be touched.

The primary concern for the contemporary left is fighting a socio-cultural war. In a country like Britain where gay marriage is legal, abortions are accessible, there is positive discrimination for BAME people, policing by consent and mass migration, you might think the liberal left would be contented. Yet the institutional and academic left is fixated with rooting out any vestige of ‘hate’ or ‘racism’ at the expense of all else. Racism: a word which the left now weaponize in the same way they would have criticised McCarthy’s use of the word ‘Communist’ or Bush’s use of the word ‘terrorist’ casts a net so wide it has become a catch all.

The police are racist, the curriculum is racist, statues are racist, street names are racist, criticising foreign culture is racist, embracing foreign culture is racist, non-intervention is racist and intervention is racist, the BBC is racist, smiling is racist, not smiling is racist. Evidence is immaterial and serves no function in disabusing the fanatics of the folly of their witch hunt. You might tell them for example, that a white person who has been arrested is 25% more likely to die in police custody than a black person who is arrested, but they don’t care. Feelings don’t care about facts – and this reality is exploited all too well by the oligarchs who would rather the white working classes mob up and brawl with BLM rioters, over the vanishingly small number of people who die in police custody in the UK, than boycott Amazon.

You might remonstrate that white people rank below many BAME groups in terms of income, that white working-class boys are at the bottom of the educational league table and so on, but these statements will do nothing to overcome the cognitive dissonance. And yes, many black people have been left behind and badly mistreated, particularly members of the Windrush generation who were erroneously deported. Their descendants don’t have the same high-quality manufacturing and construction jobs that their parents and grandparents enjoyed, as globalisation has exported jobs and flooded the British market with cheap labour. Black Britons can be priced out of work, because Eastern Europeans can undercut them, and send the money back to their countries of origin where it is worth a great deal more.

Of course, automation plays a role, as does culture, circumstance, public infrastructure, personal responsibility, the government of the day and so on – but fundamentally the bulwark against exploitation by capital is the nation state – a bulwark branded ‘racist’ by the organised worker’s movement, and the self-appointed leaders of the BAME community. While socialist MPs may engage in performative opposition to oligarchy, the policies they push ultimately serve to further corporate interests.

The worst thing you can be accused of, is racism: terrorists, paedophiles, and cannibals’ shudder at the thought of being called a racist, literally. Serial cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who admits to killing and eating 17 victims vehemently rejects any claim that his actions were racially motivated. Yes, I eat people, but please don’t call me a racist. The weight of the word is so heavy it can sink any person or institution on whom it is cast. By branding the nation racist, and evoking the idea that the son is guilty of the father’s sin, no one is safe.

Deconstruction and dismantlement become perpetual, until we return to Year Zero. All the woke movement has accomplished has been contrary to its stated aims. The cause of combatting police brutality has been rubbished, as sympathetic libertarians and small state conservatives have rallied to the Blue Lives Matter movement, and march under the thin blue line banner. The cause of race relations has been set back decades, and resentment ferments now that the very utterance of ‘all lives matter’ or ‘white lives matter’ is considered a racist trope.

Corporations are more powerful than ever, and in the UK as with elsewhere have been directly empowered by left wing MPs. Yvette Cooper and Tom Watson played pivotal roles in lobbying YouTube to deplatform dissidents and conspiracy theorists, which served to banish them to safe spaces where they invariably become more deranged and incubated in an increasingly delusional echo chamber where extremism ferments. In a land before time, Ike used to be able to speak freely on the BBC, wrong about everything though he was. The mission creep of censorship allowed for the oligopoly to totally censor and deplatform the then sitting President of the United States, Donald Trump, a move cheered on by significant portions of the political left, and some on the right, too.

The claim of ‘hate speech’ is so powerful it can be used at any time for any ‘crime’, much like ‘sabotaging the revolution’ or ‘engaging in behaviour contrary to the advancement of the popular will of the Korean people’. But unlike totalitarian states, the online oligopoly doesn’t bother to ensure justice is seen to be done, by having a mock trial, they convict and sentence you in private, without forewarning, and explain the crime after the fact. Such as it was with the recent GameStop fiasco, in which online spaces which were being used to discuss the buying and selling of shares in a perfectly legal way, were shut down for ‘racism’ and ‘hate speech’. If everything is racist, and racism is hate, and hate speech is illegal and contrary to the T’s&C’s of every major corporation, it’s easy to see that when someone becomes inconvenient to the system, they become a racist. It used to be that they become a rapist; sex scandals were the ultimate weapon of choice of the CIA and agit prop pushers to disarm opposition. Now it’s racism, the ultimate sin.

Globalist oligarchs have successfully deracinated left-wing movements across the West. They are now anti-nation, pro-open-borders, and concerned with superficial displays of virtue and engaged in a never-ending war against micro-aggressions, systemic unseeable racism, ‘hate speech’ and tweets. They serve as the punishment battalion for the corporate class, and do a fine job of doing the bidding of capital. There could be no more fervent champions of the globalist agenda that the contemporary liberal left. If the wokesters didn’t exist, then Goldman Sachs would invent them.

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