I’ll take a right here! The Growth Of Working Class Conservatism | Ben Harris

So, you find yourself on a week off from work, or perhaps it’s the weekend; you are sat relaxing at home in front of the Television. Your mind is weary after finishing the back end of a forty hour or possibly more working week. You are heavily taxed and a draconian annual licence fee is forced upon you without any democratic option available to repress it. You are flicking through a vast array of channels conveniently beamed directly into your front room via satellites. 

Its lunch time and topical discussion shows and political programs are polluting the airwaves. You decide to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and pay attention to the discussion at hand, with your finger on the remote primed in rapid fire fashion, ready to move onto the next channel as fast as possible, ears perked up ready to hear the ill-informed opinions of those who live a completely different life from the majority.

Unfortunately, too many of us find ourselves in this situation and it begs the question, how did we get ourselves in this situation? Where much loved state broadcasters who were once the voice of rational debate and used to be the prime vocal point for the working-class man or woman appears to now be the complete opposite. The working class, who aspired to attaining a life style built upon the foundations of decency, hard graft and a sense of pride, where working would provide social mobility and reward such as home ownership.

It comes as no surprise then, as to why the decent ordinary working class in recent years have identified a correlation between an increase in the demonisation of their background and culture, and acquainted it to an increase in left wing elitism that appears to have infiltrated everything from our state broadcasters to education and even our local authorities. 

Speaking as a working-class Englishman, I was brought up in an education system that told us a tell of many riches to be had, all to be easily achieved by merit, merit being hard work, University, but unfortunately conformity. Like many people all across the UK I have also felt the burden from institutions that have been invaded with an ideology that has been seemingly forced upon us, an ideology that is no longer representative of the working classes.  The same left-wing ideology that told us membership of the European Union would be of great benefit to the underdog, but actually saw the British fishing industry essentially asset stripped before their very eyes. The same ideology that told us mass immigration is essential for the country’s prosperity, but again as time and reality has already proven, we saw wages essentially watered down and a housing crisis which has left many with no ability to get on the property ladder, let alone have the job security to actually secure a deposit. 

It is this downward spiral that has led to an increase in Working Class Conservativism. Many disagree with me, but the facts speak for themselves. An assessment of any area with a population of Old Labour voters turned blue last election and of course these voters also gathered by record number way back in 2016 to vote to leave the European Union. But despite the majority sticking in an electoral boot to the voices that have helped isolate and demonise them, the same state broadcasters and those in the upper echelons of local government still appear to be stuck in a pre-2016 mindset. 

Fortunately, it seems the sea of homogenisation on Television is not the real representation of the population of Britain and I hope we start seeing the tide change towards some normality. Normality being rational thought and debate which aims to improve the quality of life within the UK, a normality that should be the backbone of a functional and efficiently ran nation. A country where people are free to express rational opinion away from politicised dogma, social mobility is available to those willing to work for it and jobs are offered upon merit and applicable skillset as opposed to politicised conformity. 

I believe a growth in working class voices in the political landscape will help sail the ship towards a brighter future for the UK. But this resurgence can only come to fruition if the working classes are willing to stand up and be counted against the powers that be, its just a shame that the powers that be are the dominating force from prominent and influential media, to local council and educational establishments. 

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