Introducing: God, King and Country Clothing | Jack Albert Hardy

Welcome to ‘God, King and Country Clothing’. My name is Jack Albert Hardy and I founded the brand on 17th August 2020, so this is all very new territory for me! This had been an idea of mine for quite some time; however, it was only recently that I took the leap of faith and started to produce the first garments. 

This all started when I pieced together two problems. Firstly, when looking for elegant, subtle and intricately-designed embroidered clothing online, I found few examples to choose from. Most were bland, unoriginal, and had messages and imagery which were difficult to resonate with. Some boasted colours Jackson Pollock wouldn’t even try together… Those cold nights in front of the fireplace, with a good book, just aren’t as cosy when all the wardrobe can offer is uncomfortable, poorly-printed, mass-produced garments, made in faraway lands. 

My second problem, which I’m sure many of you can resonate with, is seeing the utter disdain the modern world, or should I say the modern man, has for tradition and general, patriotic sentiment. Story after story, day after day, we hear of our great heroes, torn down from their immortalised image in stone, heckled from the hypocritical, ivory towers of ‘liberalism’ and berated by an armada of short-sighted, egotistical individuals, keen to show off their talents in the fashionable, new, Olympic event that is self-hatred. Being told as a child, of the grand titans of British history, and their stories, I was not prone to this kind of loathing for my ancestors. Men such as Wellington, Nelson and Montgomery. Milton, Tennyson and Fleming. Handel, Edgar and Holst. The list goes on. 

And so I wanted to find a way to honour the achievements of my nation, whilst also giving my fellow countrymen something tangible, which they could wear, to show, in a very subtle, typically-British way, that we are not afraid to make obvious our pride in being British. What better way to unite all countrymen, in pursuit of keeping the love for these blessed isles aflame, than a brand based on the three great pillars of any man’s life. His God. His King. His Country.

Which is when I decided to give it a go myself – and so ‘God, King and Country Clothing’ was born. Amalgamating original designs with a passion for monarchy, history and pomp, these garments have a signature appearance, which will attract a conversation, even at the most awkward of Christmas lunches. These include Jumpers, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Fleeces and many more to come. I thoroughly hope something takes your fancy, and I am always open to new ideas, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact via email –

God Bless You All, and God Save The King.

~ J.A.H.

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