It is time for the Prime Minister to resign | Andy Jaggard

The Prime Minister is a man without a plan, without an ideology, and without star power. He must resign and let the Conservatives sort out his mess.

While flouting lockdown rules was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Boris’ problems go deeper than Partygate. In reality, this was just an extreme example of what happens when the state meddles in the lives of its citizens in an un-conservative way. The pandemic necessitated some intervention, but the scope of encroachment led to complex and cruel rules that blighted lives and created a months-long political sideshow.

Such moral ambiguity and crass interventionism could be written off as pandemic aberrations if it wasn’t for the fact that they keep on coming (calorie counts on menus, anyone?). At every turn Boris’s government sees a conservative position and then does the opposite. They have become the party of tax and spend, making even Labourites blush with their attitude to the pockets of workers and balance sheets of businesses.

Even these could be forgiven as today’s necessary evils, were there a tangible vision for Britain to point to. But beyond vapid references to ‘levelling up’, there is nothing to strive for. Planning reform, desperately needed, has fallen by the wayside. Even Brexit, so in need of getting done, has barely got almost-ed. There is no motivation to utilise the opportunities. We are out in the waters of the world, but our compass is listlessly spinning.

We cannot even hope for another election win, and additional years, to provide a home for good government under Boris. The magic man has lost his Midas touch (along with 2 by-elections and hundreds of council seats). A wipe out at the next General Election looks possible. If we only have until 2024, we must make the most of now.

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