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Just under three years ago, I voted for Boris Johnson in the Conservative Party’s leadership election, yet now I want him gone for the same reason.

That reason was/is that British politics is running on fumes and someone or something needs to drastically intervene before our national decline becomes too total to be reversed. I once thought Johnson was this someone, but I was clearly fooled. He throws policies around like they are going out of fashion and then ditches them, ostensibly to appease a ‘Red Wall’ which he has already betrayed through woeful economic management, whilst alienating a ‘Blue Wall’ which did not have unlimited patience to start with.

He seems content with dragging the Conservatives ever further leftwards and is so engorged by the Blairite paradigm that any talk of a ‘reset’ in his premiership is meaningless platitudinal rubbish, lest you believe the utterances of our clueless overlords. Willingly or otherwise, his government intends to thrash about ever closer to the abyss, yet nothing happens which cannot be easily absorbed by the forces running against us.

Whatever might solve this frenetic stasis? In vague terms, mild political chaos. The Conservatives have jettisoned an electorally successful leader before, so Johnson should go and be replaced by some hapless minister. Perhaps they or Labour could scrape a small majority in the next election, but hopefully there will be a hung parliament where both main parties could immolate themselves simultaneously. Such would probably be the best political environment for a number of intelligent people to think about and ultimately execute what Dominic Cummings aptly terms “regime change.” It will not be a comfortable process to return this country to a better state, but the best time to start is now.

For all our sakes, Johnson should admit it’s over for him.

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