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Joe Biden hasn’t been in office for long. Only seven months has gone by since he has been inaugurated and yet he seems to have presided over several crises already, many of his own making. These include (but are not limited to) a massive spike in Mexican Border crossings, pushing two spending packages that total to nearly 6 trillion, a current inflationary high and the catastrophic pull out of Afghanistan.

These crises started on day one too. Biden immediately ripped up Trump-era legislation on the Mexican Border. The policy that Biden ripped up stated that migrants looking for asylum in the US have to wait in Mexico while their application is being processed. This was a policy that was working. After the introduction of Migrant Protection Protocols, crossings decreased. However, as soon as Biden got to office, he paused the programme and got rid of it soon after. Crossings quickly rose to a two decade high (and still are), while radical Democrats criticised their own Vice President for cautioning against illegal migration. Though the Vice President hasn’t been great either. Kamala Harris has been assigned to sort the crisis since March, but it took her three months to even visit the border. Who knows how long until it takes to implement a workable solution.

The economy wasn’t allowed to stand for long either. Biden immediately worked on ramming a $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus package through Congress. However, it is full of things that have nothing to do with COVID recovery. The bill included provisions to more than double the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour at a time where small businesses are struggling, and tax benefits for low income families. In fact, the non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget found that $810 billion could have been axed without fundamentally altering the bill. The CEO of OpenTheBooks, a government transparency group, found that much of the $4 trillion stimulus allocated last year remains unspent. Biden should have simply let existing funds do the trick, instead of blowing more money the government doesn’t have into the economy. He instead chose pork barrel politics and flashy headlines over economic competency.

Another bill that serves to hurt the economy rather than help it is Biden’s massive $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. Except it isn’t really about infrastructure. It’s an unfocused mess. The bill includes provisions for increases in spending for immigration reform, and prekindergarten. It is getting to a point where Democrats are trying to claim that anything and everything counts as infrastructure, with the Democratic Senator for New York Kirsten Gillibrand tweeting that paid leave, childcare and caregiving are infrastructure projects too. They are not.

All of this spending has dire consequences for the American economy that even moderate Democrats are warning about. One of the major consequences is the associated rise in inflation pumping trillions of dollars into an economy has. And right now, America already has an inflation problem. In June, inflation hit a thirteen year high, at 5.4%. This was up from May, when inflation was at 5%. More recently in July, inflation held at 5.4%. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen insists that these effects are just transitory, but if the $3.5 trillion bill passes that will cause this to be a more permanent effect. No doubt more radical Democrats will explain that the rise in inflation is an infrastructure goal they want to meet. They’ll be successful. Biden need to put a cap on this absurd spending, because at the minute there isn’t one.  

Finally, is the disastrous pull out of Afghanistan. Biden went ahead and fulfilled Trump’s agreement to withdraw, despite many in the intelligence community telling him that Afghanistan would fall to the Taliban if he withdrew. While Trump was the architect of the deal, Biden has confirmed that he would have withdrawn even if there wasn’t one. And fall Afghanistan did. In nine days.

Yet somehow, many questioning the fault in our intelligence for not warning us. It did. Though expert opinion got lost in the ideological need to withdraw. Something gotten lost is Biden’s hypocrisy. When Trump withdrew troops from Syria, Biden blasted him for abandoning the Kurdish people. Well, the main thing that this withdrawal achieves is abandoning the Afghan people, specifically women and children, to their fates under the Taliban.

Joe Biden campaigned on the promise of his experience. On the return to sanity to the White House. That looking across to foreign policy, it would no longer be America First but America is Back. But these are false promises. An experienced politician would not be seeking to blow up American debt, especially right after COVID-19 spending. An experienced politician would have a better plan for the American-Mexican border, not simply ripping up his predecessor’s policy with nothing in place. And finally, an experienced politician would not simply leave the Afghan people to their fates. America is not back. All of this proves that insanity has not left the White House.

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