Labour’s Only Chance is to Straighten its Conservative Backbone | Mark Seymour

The Labour Party is in a sorry state, and their recent loss of Hartlepool is one of many cuts bleeding the party out. We can trace this state back to Corbyn, who’s hubris as the leader of the Labour spawned a new vision of what the Labour Party was the Corbynist idea of Labour was for the many, without the many, too caught up in political ideals, Corbyn and his youth following lost sight of the people they proclaimed to be helping. Places like Hartlepool are run down areas that were built on industries of days gone by, industries lost to the communities at the hands of the Conservatives. For the entire existence of the constituency, Hartlepool has been Labour because the idea is that Labour is there to protect and champion the industrial workers of Hartlepool, this is exactly the same as the blue wall constituencies, these hard-working labourers are relying on the historic position of the Labour party to keep them safe from the elitist Conservatives. 

When Corbyn warped the Labour party towards his own ideals, he ripped the inherently Conservative backbone of the Labour party. This is a weird notion, as we conventionally understand the two parties to be the complete opposite of one another, but it’s important to note that there is an undercurrent to both parties that is conservative, for Labour this conservatism shines through in their defence of industrial work, and their wider defence of the labourers, there isn’t a progressive desire for change. If the mines keep the labourers in a job and keep these communities happy as they are, then the mines should remain open. The desire to break this down because nuclear energy is more efficient is much more Libertarian than Conservative, as it is propped up by a progressive backbone. This explanation shouldn’t be confused as a defence of stagnation, the point is that conventionally the Conservative Party and the Labour Party seek to conserve over change.

Sir Keir Starmer must do more than merely reshuffle, reshuffling the same cards won’t work. He needs to cure his party of its former Corbynist illness so as to bring back a formidable party that’s worth voting for. You can see glimmers of this with Starmer’s “Union Jack Labour” attempt, but it’s not enough to just call something a fish, it needs scales and fins too, Starmer must expel the anti-Brexit party members who are letting their internationalist agenda distract from their home constituencies beliefs, too many politics across the board are governed by their ego rather than their constituencies, and this is especially prevalent in Labour’s handling of Brexit voters. The people voted for Brexit, and Labour is “For the many” so they must live up to that and support the people’s beliefs. As Conservatives, we should care about the success of Labour as a party, without them we have no real opposition, and so will find it easy to slip into mediocrity, or worse, severe corruption. We need Labour to hold us to account so that our party can be the best it can possibly be. As a Conservative voter, I sincerely hope that the Labour Party can sort itself out and return to it’s worker roots.

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