Laurence Fox: It’s the biggest step toward China when we get these vaccine passports

The following is an excerpt from an interview between Mallard Chairman, Jake Scott (JS) and Laurence Fox (LF), regarding his campaign to become Mayor of London.

The full interview is available in our print magazine, which you can purchase here.

JS: We have seen for the London elections that you teamed up with Richard Tice and Reform, could you tell us how that came about?

LF: Well, when we all met at the beginning we realised that someone from our side of the election had to stand. I met Richard for dinner and said I’m going to do it anyway because we’re fighting at the altar at this vile religion of wokery, so I wasn’t too concerned as to whether we had an amazing showing and I thought with the amazing success of the BXP and now Reform I thought it wouldn’t be a great step off for them to struggle to pull a load of votes in London. So, we did a deal together to say, I’ll stand for the mayoralty and leave them uncontested in the Assembly. We were the only two freedom-loving parties that would have that conversation, because people on that more entrepreneurial side of politics and in life don’t tend to gather and collectivise in the same way the hard left do. So I told him I’d do it anyway and Tice said you have a run of that and I’ll go for the GLA, and I think that’s been really good, and its important to show the country that people can work together and that we can go places, you know?

JS: It seems from a certain distance that it seems to have been received well, how are things on the ground?

LF: Well, if you read twitter, you don’t know anything, but on the street and on the stump, you meet people who are very relieved to express an opinion without worrying for their job you know? So, the campaigning element of it has been very tiring, but its also very important to meet real people.

JS: The campaign has been quite original compared to traditional campaigns, one of the things you’ve done was the opening up of your dms on Twitter, whereas many established politicians just block people. Has the reception to that been positive?

LF: Yes, is the answer, the short answer. If you do open up your DMs then you tend to get a very different type of person, than to how people operate in public. I think its really nice to connect and see what people are saying, people are really struggling is what I get a lot in my DMs, they’re frightened of voicing perfectly natural moderate views about life, but because they are unfussy generally, they’re the wonderful people of this country who are pretty unfussy that don’t have such a huge showing in the public arena of social media where these shouty-denouncy moral supremacists run rampant.

JS: We see a lot of this, for example with the anti-lockdown protests. Any reasonable person could identify that we’re not in the same situation we were a few months ago, and a lot of reasonable people went on these anti-lockdown protests over the last couple of weekends, but the media reported it as though it was a bunch of loonies. But from looking at your Twitter it seems it’s about people concerned that their livelihoods are disappearing, are you concerned that the media are clearly not reporting the facts?

LF: Let’s put it in perspective, it was the largest demonstration that London has seen since the Iraq war probably, but to do a corrupt stream media blackout of the largest demonstration we’ve seen in that period is a reminder of how utterly corrupt media are, and about how in the pocket of the government they are. At least in America they have a Fox News which will report the opposite of what CNN and MSNBC shove down your throat every evening. The people at the demonstration were concerned about two things, the lockdown which I think has now universally been shown to be a failed government health experiment, and the vaccine passport. If people thought lockdowns were extreme, they ain’t seen nothing yet, when it comes to the infringements on heir rights and liberty that vaccine passports entail. I think it’s the biggest step toward China when we get these vaccine passports, and the people on the march got that. There was very much a feeling on the march that was a hill people would die on, and I’m hopeful that the government realise that because otherwise I think there will be riots.

Photos provided by Debra Hurford Brown.

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