Liberals, the New Conquistadores | By Sergio Garibay

Among the matters of the modern political world, we often see those who identify within one of the movements of the Left, call them, Marxists, Progressives or simply Liberals, attack any traditional Euro-central values and views in the name of freedom. In their minds, to carry the traditional culture, values and customs of our ancestors is to carry the name of Colonialism carried in power by the Aristocrats in power. This presents a multitude of issues, based on which the common citizen of a Western nation or descendant of Europeans ancestors becomes automatically guilty of all past crimes. I find such views both interesting and simplistic, for it automatically leads to the conclusion that one is guilty based on one’s ethnic and cultural background.  In consequence, an analysis of the matter from a common perspective must be raised regarding the sin (according to the left) that many of us hold, which is the sin of having European blood. 

First, the presentation must be made that Colonialism and the effects of it are not concentrated alone in the Westernized (European) world. A simple look at the Aztec empire or the Mayan one, allows one to observe slavery, classes, and the perpetual warfare to spread control over the land in the hands of the nobles. Not much differs if one crosses the ocean to Asia. From the earliest recorded history of Sumeria, China, Japan and the list goes on, one can see the same behaviors existing across time, cultures and religious beliefs.  It is rather interesting how we can find the nature of conquering, spreading one’s language and values, and even the spreading of one’s artistic views over other nations so commonly. Yet, it is quite “interesting” that among the anti-Colonial idealism of progressive thinkers is the lack of understanding that colonialism isn’t a European concept but a human one. Colonialism, in short, is part of human nature.

Furthermore, the matter is that progressive ideology is a form of colonialism, something which they are not often willing to accept. To state it frankly, the Progressive movement seeks to create a new state of Neo-Colonial values. In such, the matter of the “educated” classes seeks to impose their ideology (which they consider the highest form of truth) against others. They shame, belittle, segregate, name call and pass laws to attack those who disagree with them. Ultimately, creating a form of Colonialism is not much different from that which they “hate”. In a few western countries such matters have succeeded to the point that one can be jailed for having different beliefs and just expressing them. In this matter, the new Inquisition has arrived as well, and it is called Liberalism. 

Thus, it is argued that they have become a reflection of those “erroneous men” whom they hate [I use men since for the Progressive the blame of the older societies fall alone into the Patriarchal European lineages]. They spread their ideology without ever considering the other side. The left in reality seeks to spread the common good on which they consider the “dignified” utopia will be built. While not all warfare is based on purely strength, like Marx, they seek the true revolution. Yet, any revolution is the implementation of one’s side over the other. Imposing values, cultural norms, and linguistics over others, creating a shift in the nature of the society and the states. Liberals, in short, are the New Conquistadores. They are Imperialists. 

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