Medical Self-Sufficiency in a Post-Corona Era | Nathan Wilson

Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak the United Kingdom and other nations around the world have been playing catch up in the game of personal protective equipment (PPE). The reason for such things it could be argued is due to a over dependence on China and its manufacturing might. It is no secret that China has become in recent times the world’s own manufacturing capital and holds a strategic place within the world’s global economy. One such thing that China does produce and is vital towards is the production of medical equipment and supplies for the rest of the world.

However, alongside this many different nations from around the world have reported facing issues regarding PPE and other medical equipment that has been produced in China. Examples of some of these nations has been India, Australia, Canada and Spain. Within India for example regarding the medical test kits that were brought from China, some states began complaining that the kits had an accuracy rate of only 5%. In addition to this in Spain it was reported that similar testing kits were deemed substandard, specifically the sensibility of the test was around 30 percent, when it should be higher than 80 percent. What this could show is that in times of crises being over reliant on a foreign source has had unforeseen consequences on certain nations.

From this it could be prudent for the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom to begin to develop a certain minimum base level of not just medical supplies but also for medical production. This is because it would maintain a basic level of medical self-sufficiency that would help weather the storm of whatever crises the nation may face. The old mantra of ‘pray for the best, prepare for the worst’ it could be argued is no longer an idle saying but rather a clear lesson that the Conservative Party could learn from. This is especially relevant when regarding a post-corona world after this disease outbreak.

A good argument could be made that after this global pandemic is over that the Conservative party should seriously consider incorporating a certain level of manufacturing of medical supplies when the United Kingdom finally reaches its own post-corona era. This is so that it does not make the same mistakes again.

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