Moralisation 100 Years From Now | Daniel Evans

What are the issues today which, in the future, people will look back on and condemn the culture for?

For people today, looking back, the most obvious answer is probably slavery. A lot of people would probably say they wonder how humans in every society in the world could’ve done it for thousands of years. Perhaps they could wonder about why (and where) it still exists today.

What will the future look back on and think of us monsters for?

The best way to figure it out is to look at the dividing issues of today. What are some good candidates?

Careful! Heaven help you if you identify an issue correctly and fall on the wrong side of it or are neutral. You might be condemned by people you’ll never meet. How unfortunate to be so low quality, so low status, that you can only pick on the dead.

Some dividing issues of today. Abortion, eating meat, child transsexual medication, climate change.

Maybe. The most obvious candidate from a political standpoint is immigration. Future generations are much, much more likely to look back on supporting borders as a moral loser.

Conservatives, this is definitely rankling you. Hold on.

First you have to recognise a problem. If you’re looking at how bad things are, thinking that this just can’t go on, that someone is going to step in, something is going to happen, this is just coping. There’s no reason to think that what has been happening for decades is going to change now. Why would Genghis Patel be any different? As much as she might genuinely want to control the problem, do you actually think “yes, this is the smart, commanding, powerful person”? Maybe you do. OK. Any individuals aside, is the machinery of government good enough? What side does the evidence of the decades of neglect/failure come down on?

Nothing is changing soon. There’s no reason to think that this can’t go on indefinitely.

Second, mass illegal immigration looks a lot like a military tactic. Fifth generation warfare. Destabilising at the very least. Even the EU is starting to recognise it. The recent fuss in the east has its own Wikipedia page now. Even Germany is starting to think there might be a problem. The migration routes are coming through Russia and into Belarus. The Polish PM blames Putin. Did everyone forget how the Polish government died in a suspicious air accident in Russia in 2010?

Third, there’s a strong, particular, widely held moral belief which (on the left at least) says that “no human is illegal”. What its proponents mean is that there is no moral underpinning today that your rights as a human should depend on the sheer luck or misfortune of where you couldn’t help but be born. That’s right. Foreigners were born this way. Another way to put this. Who thinks that people should be treated differently because they’re foreigners? Even conservatives tend to think it’s unfair to treat people differently based on inherent characteristics they were born with.

 How much of a leap of imagination is it to start looking at immigration control as arbitrary and racist, part of a racist system run by racists who want to be racistly racist? Then get rid of immigration control.

Immigration. The government either wants it, or has been powerless to stop it for decades. It’s also being used as a weapon against the west as a whole. Russia figured it out. How long until everyone else does? Mass immigration has a lot of support from enough parts of the population either way. UK culture mostly looks at foreigners like this even if they support restrictions on immigration.

It’s a losing battle. Machiavellians will choose to roll with it. The moral positioning will be like the cock crowing and thinking it’s bringing the dawn. How did people ever live with borders/slavery? Moral positions like this become the dominant one after the political reality is won.

Anyway, bringing up problems and not offering solutions is weak.

Conservatives might have to roll with this in a different way.

UK citizenship was never ethnic (Celts, Anglo-Saxons, etc.), or even necessarily geography-based (Falklands, Gibraltar, etc.). There was at least a more settled notion of citizenship, what that meant, and who had it, and bonds which could be made between those citizens. An unspoken but understood promise between everyone who knew where they stood with each other. Someone has broken that promise. This is the real problem with mass immigration. The speed and inability to see that settled, hard-to-quantify, sense of a promise.

There’s no going back. There’s no fixing these failed institutions. Conservatives might have to start making some more of their own. The tech era is perfect for a non-ethnic, non-geographical, low cost, unpinnable, chosen alternative.

It’s easier than ever to create alternative solutions to almost all of today’s institutions. Nevermind its finances, media, travel, etc.

What is the tech startup which will disrupt citizenship itself?

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