Nobody wins a vote of no confidence | Stephen Dawes

Nobody wins a vote of no confidence. Even if Boris manages to cajole and protect one of the worst Conservative premierships in history, it will only be by presenting a lack of other options. It will saddle the country with a premier who is neither capable nor competent for at least another 12 months.

Make no mistake – that aforementioned lack of options is largely a deliberate creation of the current regime, which expends more energy in attempting to sure up its ideologically bankrupt rule than it does governing the county during one of the most disaster-laden moments of modern history.

The economy faces fundamental crisis. Brexit still is not complete, nor is sovereignty restored, ironically to some of our countries most loyal subjects. Housing reform has been lost. Our military is now too small to protect us. The streets are less safe. Immigration, a keystone for Brexit voters, has only increased despite promises. NHS reform is further away than ever before it seems. And the Government isn’t fully willing to fight our corner in the culture war.

Johnson has too few successes considering his 75 seat majority and too many failures. His supporters say at least he wins elections – but that single lonely boon looks set to end as boos from my fellow royalists foreshadow.

As Don Lucchesi puts it in The Godfather Part Three, “Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger” – This government entered the “Godfather Part Three” section of its premiership some time ago, and it’s high time for the series to wrap up.

Nobody wins a vote of no confidence. Let us use the national energy from the Jubilee to craft a new regime, one with more regard for the nation than it has for itself. Let us end this age of toxic indifference. 

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