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A quicker wrap up this week but fear not dear reader (or readers, if I am lucky), enough moronic stories have come out of the Covid beacon that is Spain to keep us going.

Cayetanos called Hussain

On the weekend at the end of October and the beginning of this one, a rare outbreak of political consensus that bridged the political divide occurred as a handful of citizens across Spain went out onto the streets to protest against the ‘extreme’ measures against Covid. Almost as predictably, each side tried to accuse the other that the violence and extremism that was seen across the country was associated with the others.

Initially, that great representative body of Twitter had decided that the ‘Cayetanos’ were to blame (to understand the insult, think Young Toff with a dash more Francoist nostalgia). Unfortunately for Twitter, that narrative was quickly undermined when the most viral star of the weekend became the infamous Hussain. N, who robbed a Decathlon alongside other members of Barcelona’s growing ‘diverse community’. What really makes the story is that he nicked a bright green bike and was promptly caught, after trying to sell said bike online less than a day later.

Now you may not be an expert on Spanish politics but you can be confident that whatever the actions of ‘Cayetanos’, a young lad called Hussain probably isn’t the kind of person associated with Vox.

Conservative Communists

Recently, since starting a long daily commute I’ve kept up my Spanish by popping into the bar before the metro and grabbing the supposedly conservative La Razon. Like most newspapers, the changing landscape has not been kind to the paper as it tries to plot a course for survival in the modern world of smartphones. My impression is it is that kind of liberal conservatism that is really at a dead end but does, on occasion, have some good coverage.

However, imagine my deep annoyance when this apparently conservative publication had almost daily paid advertisements extolling the virtues of the Chinese state and the glorious opportunities for Spanish businesses in China. It seems that La Razon is a fierce opponent of the evils of communism and a dominating state, until it gives them money… If a conservative newspaper has to resort to shilling for a dictatorship to keep the lights on, perhaps it would be more dignified to quietly pass into history.

Sorry folks, you aren’t Americian

Far be it for anyone to think I am not prepared to stick the boot into my own side, I have once again grown tired of the American obsession (apart from our fantastic coverage here… *cough*) where all issues are viewed through the prism of Yankland or commentators think the world revolves around that place. This can recently be illustrated by my Union UGT (sadly like many others) opining on the USA election and the evil anti-immigration bigot that was the orange man, to praise some liberals who don’t even believe in public health insurance. Never mind the awkward fact that Unions used to understand that restrictions on immigration at the lower end of the labour market is a benefit to working class people already competing for those jobs, it is once again a misallocation of scarce resources.

‘Populism’ in Europe won’t be seeping away because a bloke who had nothing to do with this continent’s problems is gone, and trying to import the language and behaviour of American politics will only ever lead to a right-wing liberal future and hopefully UGT Madrid can do their part for this immigrant… by answering my email.

And finally…

Earlier in the year, I expressed my great displeasure towards the city of Zaragoza and their seemingly hostile agenda towards me. At that time, I prayed for their football club to remain in purgatory. So imagine my joy on seeing that after 10 games of the season, the club is only outside of the relegation places in Segunda on goal difference. I’m more confident than ever that Jesus Christ is a proud Salopian Mallard reader.

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