Our country is about to pay the ultimate price for weak leadership | Simone Hanna

Otto von Bismarck very famously once stated, ‘only a fool learns from his own mistakes, the wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

Boris Johnson is about to prove himself a fool.

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On Thursday afternoon in a heavily press-covered conference, the Prime Minister spoke in an alarming manner regarding the coronavirus pandemic. With the virus now expected to reach its peak in Britain in the coming weeks, he very uncomfortably added, “more families, many more families, are going to lose loved ones before their time.” This wretched statement resembled something of a cheap, horror film; filled with words of failed reassurance and foreboding. Many of it, a result of flawed leadership, weak precautions and sheer ignorance.

The disbelief of a nation was to be expected, even former Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, publicly expressed concern over Boris’ response, stating he was ‘surprised and concerned’. This statement was more than justified. He, and many of us hold every reason to be ‘surprised and concerned’. We as British people look to our government to take whatever measures necessary in protecting 66 million of us, and they have failed to do so.

The government’s laid-back, downplaying attitude from the beginning of this pandemic has done the country an injustice, we are now being told that families losing loved ones is to be expected. We now sit here, awaiting fatalities, knowing that preventative action could’ve been taken to prohibit, or at the very least, reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

During this week’s press-conference, Boris Johnson branded coronavirus the ‘worst public health crisis in a generation’ – but has yet to take drastic measures, instead, letting us accept that loved ones will die.

I cannot say that I am disappointed or shocked in the Prime Minister’s response, as that would imply that I had somewhat high expectations of this government in the first place. After Boris Johnson’s act of national self-harm earlier this year in allowing Huawei to pose threat to our national security with their fancy 5G network, it should come as no surprise that the PM has continued to act as another nation’s lapdog, allowing a disease, which was a direct result of questionable Chinese eating habits, to escalate into our country.

According to various news sources, including the BBC, the UK is expected to reach Italy’s level of pandemic in the coming weeks. Coronavirus deaths in Italy have already surpassed 1200, continuing to grow at a staggering rate. It was only a few weeks ago that Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, advised those returning from northern Italy to ‘self-isolate’ for two weeks if they felt unwell. As expected, the party who preaches individualism had once again failed to remember that individuals can be selfish. The disease has now entered our land, and there is now minimal action that can be taken.

Even now, I cannot understand Boris’ reluctance to taking firmer measures. South Korea are having 20,000 people tested daily; the US has placed restrictions on European countries; Ireland has banned mass gatherings and enforced school closures; and China, Italy, Denmark and Turkey are all in lockdown.

Our country is about to pay the ultimate price for weak leadership. Our government have been grossly negligent, and the British public will now suffer.

Photo by Number 10 on Flickr. 

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