Planet Organic, Extinction Rebellion and Middle-Class Drug Users | Blake Coe

There’s a curious supermarket I used to walk past just off Tottenham Court Road called Planet Organic. It sells much the same stuff as any other supermarket but vegan, far more expensive and, well, organic.

I’m sure some right-on middle-class Londoners shop there to avoid pesticides (although I’m yet to see any evidence that they’re bad for you), but I could never shake the suspicion that most patrons were under the curious impression that by buying organic, they were doing something for the environment.

To not put too fine a point on it, that’s bollocks.

Organic agriculture is usually worse for the environment, often considerably so.

In fact, one area where it’s particularly destructive is land use. In other words, you need much more land to obtain the same yield with organic methods. Imagine if everyone on the planet suddenly went organic. Demand for agricultural land would skyrocket! The eco alarmists could wave goodbye to their sacred Amazon rainforest.

Oh no, this information doesn’t seem to have penetrated the bubble that London’s lefty-liberal, woke, remoaner, supposedly “Eco Conscious” Extinction Rebellion elite like to live in.  

In their blissful ignorance they carry on with their lives convinced they know what’s best for the world. So much so that entire businesses are up and running to cater to their delusions. Planet Organic has 12 stores! And there are none outside London I might add.

It makes one wonder what other funny ideas the people who run many of this country’s leading cultural institutions have, and what impact that might be having on the world.

In his 2013 Don’t Panic lecture and subsequent (excellent) book, the late, great Swedish statistician Hans Rosling masterfully demonstrated how education and fancy degrees do not correlate with worldliness. On many measures, graduates performed worse than chimps picking at random when asked various questions about world poverty, girls’ education etc.

That’s what’s so irritating! These people think they are better than the crude, unwashed, Brexit voting hordes outside zone 6.

I reckon this is why people often feel so strongly about middle class drug use. My mates sneaking off to the pub bogs to powder their noses are doing the same thing, but they don’t claim to be, nor think of themselves as morally superior to anyone else. They’d never look down their noses at anyone and expect the same respect in return. 

Still, we have our Brexit which gave our betters a very satisfying bloody nose. Apart from in Scotland, it doesn’t look like they’ll be back in power any time soon. As insufferable as some people are, it could be worse. 

Quote: ‘These people think they are better than the crude, unwashed, Brexit voting hordes outside zone 6.’

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