Riots at the Capitol | Richard Garrard

The US has experienced something unprecedented for 200 years: the storming of the Capitol. Trump supporters have invaded the Capitol building, with police attempting to disrupt and dismantle the confirmation as Joe Biden as the next President of the United States of America. The actions of these rioters are deplorable: they may protest peacefully, but they may not riot. We see the picture of a young gentleman sitting arrogantly in the Vice-President’s chair in The Senate building: is this what the bastion of democracy has come to?

In 2020, we saw protests and riots infect the USA and the rest of the world over BLM. Far-left groups like ANTIFA joined in on this action and we saw the widespread destruction of property all over towns and cities in the US. People’s blood, toil, tears and sweat had gone into these businesses, which were then wantonly destroyed by violent protests. Windows were smashed, doors blasted open, shots fired, law and order liquidated: all in the name of what? Social justice.

We must respect the rights of protesters; however, there is no right to riot. Yet here we see the hypocrisy of the left. Misha Collins tweets out: ‘Fascist mobs are attempting to overrun the Capitol…but thankfully none of them are peaceful protestors or people of color so no teargas or rubber bullets are being used.’ I say, what a load of tosh.

The rioters at the top of the stairs of the Capitol building have been warded away by both teargas and sound bombs: yet why is there no report on this? Is it the media? Yes, of course it is. In order to create the narrative that America is somehow giving a pass to these violent, right-wing rioters, is that none of the same weapons were used on them as BLM: it is factually incorrect. Whilst one should never justify the actions of either these rioters of either side of the current political aisle, it is utterly startling, yet unsurprising, to see that there is no show of the strength used against the mob.

Donald Trump’s reaction has been at best dull and at worst downright dangerous. The President is the most powerful person in the free world, yet despite this Trump has not managed to maintain law and order. It is utterly disgraceful. The GOP is meant to be the party of law and order, think back to Richard Nixon their most prominent candidate for this kind of thing. Do you think the old GOP, the conservative GOP would stand for this dereliction in order? No, never. Trump has simply got his facts wrong; the election was not fraudulent, and he needs to get over it. Trump has endorsed these rioters claiming, in a Tweet that, he ‘loves them’, this is not the sort of language we need from him, we need firm and decisive action. What has the GOP come to? A vague smear on the wall, nothing good will come of this, nothing good at all.

A female protestor has been shot and killed. This is what happens when you play fast and loose with the law, you get anarchy: and anarchy is something we must never surrender to. We saw the same lawlessness during the BLM riots of the summer, people playing fast and loose with the law, and what did that lead to? According to US insurance the companies, the damage caused by BLM riots was estimated between $1-2 billion, that number possibly higher due to missing insurance claims and people with no insurance: but where was this figure? Tucked away, I never saw it on the news: surely this much damage is on a monumental scale, but all we saw on CNN was “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests”. I will stand with you against the tyranny of the mob, but I will not stand for falsehoods and deceit.

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