Rogues Gallery

The Mallard‘s annual essay competition is now open for submissions!

The theme for this year is Rogues Gallery; we are asking you to write about someone who is ignored by history or not given the credit they deserve. 

Please submit your entry to

The Rules:

  1. ROGUE FACTOR: Rogues must be shown to be “remarkable, unconventional, eccentric, authentic, or anomalous” in some way.
  2. OBSCURITY FACTOR: Writers should choose Rogues that can be justly described as “obscure” or “less well-known about than they should be”.
  3. HUMAN FACTOR: A Rogue can be any real person: dead or alive, British or non-British.
  4. WORD COUNT: Writers should not exceed a 2000-word cap.
  5. DEADLINE: Submissions should be entered throughout the month of August, and will be published here.


  • First Prize: £50, and published in the September issue of the Mallard magazine
  • Second and Third Prize: £25 

Winners will be chosen by the Chairman, Jake Scott, and announced on the 10th September 2021.

Good luck!