Safe and Effective: Reviewing Oracle Films’ Ground-Breaking Documentary | Jack Campion

It seems strange to think that the country has come through one of the most authoritarian governments in its entire history but it wasn’t that long ago you weren’t able to spend Christmas with your loved ones. For many this was reason enough to get the covid vaccine, produced by AstraZeneca and Pfizer. The introduction of a medical solution to Coronavirus was met with criticism by many quashed voices, while the official narrative that these were “safe and effective” reigned supreme. The general public believed the government, backed by SAGE, and willingly accepted this “bold” solution to the virus.

Despite the virus having a death rate barely higher than the flu, all age groups were encouraged to receive it, and despite those under 70 being at far less risk than the older generations. And for some, this decision, coaxed by the mainstream media, celebrities, the government and the pharmaceutical companies themselves, was far more life altering than “long covid”. Now, giving those people a voice, Oracle Films (referred throughout the article as OF) has come out with a hard-hitting documentary, Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion, a high-quality, dispatches-style film.

Opening with interviews with the public on the street who give their reasons for taking the vaccine, OF do not try and push an air of combativeness. They present the comments of these people in a sympathetic way, because their reasons are valid – “I’m a carer so I had to”, “I wanted to go on holiday and protect my family” and so on. These aren’t people who are plugged in 24/7 to alternative media, they’re the meat of the British public. Like most people they just want to go around without being interfered with, and they saw taking the jab as the way to do that.

This is immediately juxtaposed against the introduction of our vaccine victims, whose stories are all unique yet similar in the fact that their lives have been made far more difficult after having the jab, a possibility they were never made aware of. “Those injured by the vaccine feel abandoned by the NHS and the government they trusted,” reads the voice of John Bowe, the presenter, whose amiable presence weaves several narratives together throughout the 55-minute film. Tales that begin with Georgia Sagal, who says she took “one for the team, but now the team is running in the opposite direction”. John Watt, former fitness enthusiast who is now bound to his bed due to rapid heart rate brought on after having his booster, just wants people to know that “when it goes wrong, there’s no help at all.”

It is hard to watch this film if you were at all sceptical of the vaccine rollout, because you didn’t want to be right. Now we have living proof that those sceptics had their fears absolutely vindicated. OF makes many attempts to get into contact with governing bodies responsible, who had no comment on the matter. Shocking statistics from the MHRA, the UK government’s official body for reporting adverse reactions, state that over 400,000 people have reported such cases, with 2,240 fatalities as a result.

OF do not use statistics to blind the viewer, merely to bolster the human stories that the vaccine-injured were brave enough to tell. Lost limbs, myocarditis in the young and fit, seizures and more abound the subjects of this documentary. They come from all walks of life and are not card-carrying sceptics; they were not antivaxxers or “covidiots”. They were just regular folk. Good, honest British people, who were taken for a ride, gaslit by the institutions that made them the way they are, and left to rot.

OF’s documentary is a must watch for anyone on either side of the covid question. You do not have to be an antivaxxer or anything of the sort to get something from this film. All OF are interested in is the truth, the truth that the vaccines were not 100% safe or effective, and that this has led to a great deal of pain for a lot of people. One hopes that influential people will see this film, and force the UK government, the NHS, and the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the victims of the vaccine rollout to issue one hell of an apology.

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