Should he stay or should he go? | Edward Howard

Boris Johnson. The promised return to form for the Conservative Party. The one who was able to break through the ‘Red Wall’ and deliver his party’s largest majority since the 1980s. And doubtlessly was the one that was voted for en masse by the Tory party base back in 2019, including by yours truly.

However, it is time for him to go, for reasons that go beyond Partygate, damaging as that is.

To understand why, here are some of the wild contradictions of his government.

Led by a much-vaunted ‘libertarian’ who did the most to crush civil liberties and expand the managerial state in our lifetimes. A government which cares about the culture wars – unless that involves actual freedom of speech and statue toppling, in which the government calls you ‘racist’ for complaining. A government that is supposed to be post-Thatcherite – but then has its MPs and ministers parrot 1981 ‘on your bike’ talking points during a cost-of-living crisis, and calls those who object ‘champagne socialist[s]’. A government that promises to reduce the ‘overall numbers’ of immigration, while allowing for continued large rates of legal and illegal migration. And of course, a Conservative government that pretends to stand firm but flip flops when any serious crisis rears its ugly head.

In short, what has his government done with an 80-seat majority, on a populist conservative platform? Privatising Channel 4, defending Labour MPs who call them ‘scum’ and the Online Safety Bill. This is not a platform of mass support as polling shows, and its about time Tory MPs acted – and brought down the Blairite consensus down with them.

As Billy Joel once sang in ‘The Entertainer’, ‘Today I am your champion/I may have won your hearts…/I won’t be here in another year/If I don’t stay on the charts.’

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