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The UK has presented so many radical ideas to the world, introduced the industrial revolution and created vast swaths of wealth for people at the bottom of society. During the World Wars Britain’s confidence was shot, and all our great men who would have been the driving force for the next 100 years were killed. We were left in a state of shaken self-belief and without great leaders.

In modern society, there’s a movement that is keen that we rekindle the ashes of our great society and attempt to restart the flames. We are part of that deep desire to see Britannia back standing high holding her Trident. The modern Conservative Party (despite all their failures in continuing Blairite policy) are playing their role in this by looking to the former empire – and whilst they might not know the pathway that is opening before them it is for us to direct them.

Our confidence begets further confidence. We must be steadfast in our belief in Britannia should its leadership act in a competent way. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t critique the failures, or condemn what we see as steps backwards. We want to progress toward a strong and confident British state that will stand and not crumble to the subversive elements in society. The modern Conservative Party are looking for critique and the only critique they’re met with is from leftists and subversives, those who wish to create a French republic in the UK, that which is most offensive to any real Briton.

To be able to move forward we must first know where we are. The late Sir Roger Scruton provided a great book by the same name, and it provides a good 30,000ft political history for us to understand, but it doesn’t provide any analysis on the current state of the great game.

Where we are is in a culture war, and pretending we’re not in one, or trying to rise above it will only end with destruction. The culture war is between those who wish to subvert us, our identity, culture and State. To make an analogy; if someone is robbing you and putting a gun against your friend’s head you can’t just pretend it doesn’t exist and that they’re not firing bullets because you personally don’t believe in guns – no, you ought to have got yourself a damned gun by the time the guy reaches you, hopefully before.

Speech has not been free for some time

To start with, we need to become comfortable knowing the current situation of the UK isn’t what we would desire it to be. Free Speech is not a concept that is currently respected by the State.

Recently Laurence Fox used the meme of the “Progress Pride Flag” rotated 90 degrees 4 times shaping the multiple triangles into the shape of a Nazi Swastika. Something that was popularised from 4chan maybe a year ago has now penetrated the mainstream. Needing to explain a joke is something that kills a joke, but for those of you among us who are incapable; the juxtaposition is that the Nazi symbol is an ideological symbol that was flown over an ideological captured post-Weimar Germany.

The response of the subversive groups is exactly what you would expect – in fact, it was worse. People who are members of devolved administrations who have control over a police force actively called for their force to investigate this as a potential hate crime.

I’m afraid that I think Caroline is correct in her analysis, and I think case law would allow for this to become a serious criminal complaint; at least through a neutral viewing of just the law as it has been executed to this point. Laurence might have very good lawyers who are able to nullify this, but there are plenty of people who have been prosecuted for less.

What is the point of this piece? I started by talking about the path we are trying to walk down and ended by pointing out the current state we are in. I want everyone to stop considering themselves above bad law, and not engaging in it because you believe it is bad law. The legal system will put you in jail should it want to, you must be actively understanding, critiquing the law, and using it.

To make an analogy to geopolitics, no matter how much you don’t want to have nuclear weapons, nor to fire one, having them is important, and there might come a time where you will need to fire them.

I want everyone to stop considering themselves above bad law, and not engaging in it because you believe it is bad law. The legal system will put you in jail should it want to, you must be actively understanding, critiquing the law, and using it.

Every time someone is mocking you or your religious beliefs, that is a potential hate crime. Anytime someone makes a tangential comment towards something that’s related to your belief system – that’s a hate crime. I want you to go out and understand how these laws apply, how they’re underused by our friends, and how they’re overused by our enemies.

If you’re talking about abortion and they mention you as a virgin – that’s unironically likely a hate crime. Even if you’re not a virgin, even if you’re not a good Christian, the law makes no distinction. It can even be perceived by a third party, so if it’s directed to someone you know, you still have the ability to report these crimes.

You might not have any interest in these laws, but they absolutely have an interest in you and will be used against you. It may just be time to reconsider your position.

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