Students Push for Tory Victories in Birmingham | Oliver Stanley

Election time is always busy for university politicos. This year’s local elections have been no different for the University of Birmingham Conservatives, who’ve been campaigning tirelessly around Birmingham to help the Tories kick the failing Labour council out.

On key local issues like bin collections, fly tipping and potholes, the performance of the Labour controlled Birmingham City Council has been simply abysmal. UoBC have been helping many of the local Conservative party branches to push this message to voters around Birmingham.

The society Campaigns Officer, Sam Tapper, has been delighted with the effort put in by so many students despite the elections coinciding with exam season for most. “The determination and persistence shown by UoBC in the run up to the election, demonstrated by our efforts to campaign frequently and effectively, are a credit to this society,” says Sam. He hopes that the experience will stick with the campaigners, describing being out on the doorstep as “productive and enlightening”.

All that’s left now is for campaigners and candidates alike to “hope their efforts will pay off handsomely when the election concludes,” Sam goes on to say.

Although organising campaigning is Sam’s job now, his predecessor Joe Hamblin has remained hugely involved and Sam is full of praise for him. He describes Joe as a “key element of our success” in getting people out and about and notes that so many of the contacts the society has are through Joe. The former Campaigns Officer is now employed by an MP, and the society wishes him the best.

President Anna Humphreys has joined members out on the campaign trail, and says she has “really enjoyed working with all the volunteers and learning about key issues in the area.” Echoing Sam’s sentiment, the society’s chair talks about how great it’s been to see “so many members of the society campaigning” over recent weeks. “On behalf of the UoBC committee I wish all candidates the best of luck,” Anna finishes.

Social Secretary Rachel Mooney is another UoBC committee member who has been putting in the hard work to get Conservative candidates elected. She says it’s been “incredibly rewarding,” especially the feeling of “making a difference” to the lives of local people.

It isn’t just campaigners which our great society wishes to pay tribute to. Several of our members are council candidates today. These members include outgoing President, Social Sec and Secretary, Luke Caldecott, Josh Mackenzie-Lawrie and Luke Watson. The ever excellent Simon Conn and Angus Gillan are also standing. To all of these members we wish good luck at the ballot box.

Not only is he standing as a candidate in Selly Oak, Angus has been one of the society’s most active campaigners, including being out at the crack of dawn on polling day itself. Luke Watson, Josh and others have also been out throughout the day getting the vote out for themselves and fellow candidates.

If there are local elections in your area today, ignore the rhetoric and vote for the party which will give you the best services and the lowest council tax. The evidence around the nation shows that party is the Conservative party.

Oliver Stanley is Secretary of the University of Birmingham Conservatives, and Economics Editor at The Fultum Post.

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