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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles | Abstain UK

It is beyond cliche to speak of a silent majority in politics. It is also a characteristic of Conservative politicians to presume to speak for this group.  Is this government speaking for the silent...

An EU Election Analysis | Sarah Stook 0

An EU Election Analysis | Sarah Stook

Final Results: Brexit Party- 5,248,533- 30.5% Liberal Democrats- 3,367,284- 19.6% Labour Party- 2,347,255- 13.6% Green Party- 2,023,380- 11.8% Conservative Party- 1,512,809- 8.8% Scottish National Party- 594,553- 3.6% Other, including Plaid Cymru and Change UK-...

Suffrage | Sarah Stook 0

Suffrage | Sarah Stook

The History of the Suffrage Movement Argument 1: Women cannot fight for King and Country Argument 2: Most women DON’T want the vote Argument 3: They are well represented by their husbands, fathers, brothers...